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Pavel Tabakov first posted a photo of his daughter



Pavel Tabakov, 26, first shared a photo of his illegitimate daughter, Mia, on Instagram. The actor for a long time hid the birth of a girl not only from the public, but even from his own mother, actress Marina Zudina. And now the heir to the famous family has decided to no longer distance himself from his daughter. On his page, he posted a touching frame with a sleeping Mia.

“Happy New Year, my little man,” Pavel captioned the photo.

“Beauty”, “Looks like a grandfather”, “What a cute photo”, “The sweetest child I have ever seen,” fans write in the comments.


On his page, Pavel posted a touching frame with a sleeping Mia. Photo: Instagram.

The fact that little Mia really looks like her famous grandfather Oleg Tabakov was mentioned more than once by his widow Marina Zudina. The actress is very proud of her granddaughter and often shares her photos on Instagram.

Pavel Tabakov's daughter born of an extramarital affair with actress Sofia Sinitsyna. The lovers broke up before the birth of the girl. Recently, the actress explained why she named her daughter Mia. Pavel and Sophia got together on the set of the drama How I Became... in 2017. After that, they were often seen together. In 2019, Tabakov and Sinitsyna vacationed together in Miami. It turned out that Tabakov's ex-lover named his daughter after Miami Airport (MIA), in which they broke up. The fact that their relationship is over, Sinitsyna announced to her boyfriend at the end of the vacation.

“Who doesn’t know, Mia is named after the airport in Miami in the USA, where I told Tabakov that our holiday romance is over,” Sinitsyna shared with fans in her microblog.

Despite the break with Sophia, Pavel, according to acquaintances, rented an apartment for Sophia and his daughter in the center of Moscow on Patriarch's Ponds and helps them financially. Tabakov tries to see Mia regularly and, as far as possible, takes part in her upbringing. The girl has a nanny who looks after the baby while her mother is away on business.

Pavel himself admitted that he had friendly feelings for Mia's mother, but they did not live under the same roof.

“What can I say if this situation is very difficult for everyone - we are friends, but we don’t live together,” the actor once said.

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