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Pavel Tabakov became a father: the first photo with his daughter Mia



Thus, the actress congratulated the father of her child on his birthday.

Yesterday, on the first day of August, the son of Oleg Tabakov and Marina Zudina Pavel turned 26 years old. Many friends and colleagues, as well as relatives, congratulated the theater and film actor on his next birthday. His ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child, Sofya Sinitsyna, did not stand aside either. The actress publicly congratulated the ex-lover on Instagram, posting his first photo with her daughter in her arms and wrote:

Happy birthday, Tabakov! It's great that you was born. We will always be there now, even if you don't want to.


Pavel Tabakov with his daughter Mia

Pavel Tabakov first became a father at the beginning of August last year, but the public found out about this only this June. This information was confirmed by the mother of the actor Marina Zudina. The exact date of birth of Mia is unknown, but today a series of black and white photos appeared on Sofia Sinitsina's blog, in one of which she is holding a plate with a piece of cake and one candle. The caption to the pictures reads:

Pool party before Mia's first birthday.

By the way, in mid-July, Pavel Tabakov first commented on the birth of his daughter. He said that he and Sophia do not live together, but he takes part in raising the baby:

I do not want to be discussed about how I live. Of course, I am ready that something will become known about me, but what can I say if this situation is very difficult for everyone - we are friends, but we do not live together. In this sense, for me, probably the ideal is the actor Daniel Day-Lewis, about whom nothing is known and who is appreciated only for his roles. It is my dream to be judged only by my work, and not by my personal life, - said the actor "AiF"


Sofya Sinitsyna with her daughter Mia

Recall that before Sofia Sinitsyna, Pavel Tabakov was in a relationship with actress Maria Fomina for more than a year. In early 2017, Tabakov spoke in an exclusive interview:

We knew each other indirectly for a long time: in the theatrical student get-together, almost everyone knows each other. Then they rehearsed roles in one performance at the Moscow Art Theater and it was then that they greeted for the first time. Later we crossed paths more than once in common companies, and once I met her from St. Petersburg after filming, and we began to really communicate.

It is not known exactly when Pavel and Maria broke up. However, in the same 2017, according to rumors, Pavel began dating Sofia. In 2018, Tabakov and Sinitsyna played together in the film "How I Became", and Sinitsyna herself is also known for her roles in the films "Magomayev" and "The Murderer".




Sofia Sinitsyna


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