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Pavel Durov's Girlfriend: who is he dating?


Pavel Durov is one of the most mysterious bachelors in Russia. Beauties are ready to do anything to conquer the heart of the legendary Internet billionaire, but the programmer rarely gives interviews and leads a closed lifestyle. Nevertheless, rumors about his numerous affairs constantly appear on the web. Recently, a documentary about Pavel was released, where new information about his alleged relationship appeared.

Earlier it was said that Durov was married to Daria Bondarenko, who studied with him at the same university. Allegedly, the girl and the businessman have a son and a daughter, but the programmer did not confirm this information. Pavel was also rumored to be linked to models Katarina Pudar and Alena Shishkova. Ex-beloved of Timati hinted that there was something more than friendship between her and Durov. “Everything is complicated,” the beauty wrote mysteriously in response to a question about her feelings for Pavel.

And now the media believe that the beloved of the billionaire is Maria Trotsko. This is hinted at by photographs with gifts marked with the letter P. Later, the girl deleted all such pictures from social networks, because Pavel is very jealous of his personal life - he probably asked the beauty to do this.


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