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Paris Hilton Flashes Underwear

Paris Hilton has made the front page of scandalous gossip magazines again. Apparently, the successor to the world's largest hotel chain has decided to remind about herself. Recently, Paris went to shopping in Milan.

Of course, she was accompanied everywhere by paparazzi hoping to make sensational shots. And fortune smiled for photographers! They managed to shoot Paris with a very interesting perspective.

Despite the modest look of Hilton, her outfit allowed to see what needs to be hidden from the eyes of outsiders. The most persistent paparazzi waited for the hour when Paris sat down and flashed underwear.

Paris Hilton wasn’t not a bit ashamed, and continued to behave as if nothing had happened.

Meanwhile, Paris Hilton is planning to release a documentary about herself. Information about the film appeared at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016, where XYZ Films studio is looking for potential film distributors from Europe.

Filming documentary is scheduled to begin this summer on one of the favorite resorts of the blonde - Ibiza. The film will be based on interview with Paris, in which she talks about her path to fame, how the popularity influenced her as a person, and what impact the image of "Blonde in Chocolate" has had on modern girls.


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