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Pamela Anderson and Adil Rami: how a model and actress became a devoted bride and a football fan

The actress was married three times, but only with a French footballer she gained real female happiness. We tell the love story of Pamela Anderson and Adil Rami 

Pamela Anderson did not like football before, but now she has become a loyal fan of her lover and does not miss a single match with his participation. As a result of the game in St. Petersburg, the French team reached the final of the World Cup. Pamela supported her fiancé, defender of the national team Adil Rami.

The star couple Pamela Anderson and Adil Rami started the relationship last summer. Their meeting is called a real rescue for the 51-year-old actress. Six months ago, a model from Los Angeles broke up with the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange.

In a recent interview, the actress admitted that Adil's love helped her, in addition, to safely experience the onset of menopause. The fact is that the climacter very badly changed the life of Pamela's mother, and the daughter was afraid to feel like that. When the first signs of menopause appeared, the actress decided on the cardinal changes in her life. This spring Pamela Anderson moved from Los Angeles to her lover in the south of France. She left the house and took with her only personal belongings and a dog - a golden retriever Zuzu.

Pamela supported her fiancé. Photo: GettyImages

There are also two Pamela's sons in the US : 20-year-old Dylan and 21-year-old Brandon, who entered universities and live their lives. By the way, Pamela was married three times. The first actress's husband is a rock musician - Tommy Lee, the second - also rocker Kid Rock, the third is the film producer Rick Salomon .

Pamela Anderson opened her own vegetarian restaurant in Saint-Tropez, launched the production of "vegetarian champagne", actively advocates for animal rights Photo: EAST NEWS 

From the past relationship, Adil also has two children. They live with their mother.

"I did not know if I'd return home." I just wanted to start a new life, - says the actress.

Now the star couple lives in a cozy cottage near Marseille. Pamela Anderson opened her own vegetarian restaurant in Saint-Tropez, launched the production of "vegetarian champagne," actively advocates for animal rights, teaches French, wants to star in French cinema and even writes the book "Saving women from feminism."

"Many women want men to always take their first steps." We do not want to be victims, but making men our enemies is also wrong, "says Pamela Anderson.

Beloved of the actress now defends the honor of the national team in Russia at the World Cup Photo: REUTERS

The 18-year-old age difference did not bother a stellar couple.

- He calls me "aliens". He says that I should be 30 years old, not 50, and asks me to show my driving license, - says the actress.

Pamela admits that they are leading a very healthy, truly wonderful life without quarrels and disagreements.


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