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“Our romance with Timati was not a PR”: Sasha Dony spoke about the relationship with the rapper


The 19-year-old Ukrainian model has found herself in the spotlight after relaxing with the 38-year-old Russian rapper. Sasha Dony (Alexandra Donets) commented on the affair with Timati (Timur Yunusov).

The musician became an enviable bachelor after breaking up with Anastasia Reshetova. He even became the hero of the "Bachelor" show. Timati failed to build love on camera. After some time, he was noticed in the company of a slender long-legged blonde.

The new darling of the rap artist was a spectacular beauty from Ukraine. The couple vacationed together at a resort in Greece. After that, Sasha joined Timati during a surf tour in the Maldives. But communication did not develop into a long-lasting strong romance, remaining in the status of an affair. Sasha Dony denied that she and Timati had a "contractual" affair.

The girl, however, does not have many reasons for frustration after breaking up with a musician . Her social media following skyrocketed, and offers for advertisements rained down like a cornucopia. Many suspected that the model and the rapper had a fictitious relationship.


A native of Chernigov denied these rumors. “No, we didn’t have a PR romance. Although I already like this version more than the truth, ”Donets said.

To the delight of Reshetova's fans, Sasha Dony admitted that she used to like the name Nastya and she even introduced herself that way. “My sister called me. She heard the song: "Alexandra, Alexandra ..." She began to sing it and told her parents that she wanted me to be called that. My parents originally wanted to call me Christina. The sister answered. I really like the name Alexander, although as a child I was shy of him and told everyone that I was Nastya, ”said the blogger. What name do you like best? Alexandra Anastasia


The relationship between the model and the rapper lasted only a few months. According to the model, her parents are calm about the fact that at the age of 19 she lives an independent life. “I was very lucky with parents who were not stuck in Soviet terms. We are on the same wavelength with him, ”she assured. The ex-girlfriend of the hit "Above the Clouds" also shared her emotions after watching the movie "Tinder Swindler". She stated that she would never fall for the tricks of scammers and gigolos. “One of the heroines said that she was pleased to be the girl of such a guy. Apparently, it happened to her for the first time that the beautiful, rich and famous drew attention to her and fell in love. She bought his companionship, she liked to feel like "him". And it’s written on my forehead that this won’t work with me, ”the instadiva said.

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