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Olya Polyakova - about Meladze's harassment: it hurts me a lot


Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova admitted that the famous producer Konstantin Meladze really harassed her. According to the artist, she spoke about this situation two years ago in an interview, but at that time it did not cause a scandal.

The celebrity said that no one forced her or beat her, but simply "harassed". The performer announced this in the program "Svitske Life" (to watch the video, scroll the news to the end).

“I told Gordon about this in an interview two years ago, and what did it cause a scandal? Well, I put it on my knees, I sat there for a while, got up ... Nobody forced me, didn't beat me or something else. Man harassed you, so rejoice, "- said Polyakova.

Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova admitted that famous producer Konstantin Meladze really harassed her


The singer noted that then she did not understand "what was the big deal". In her opinion, this is normal for modern women , since people who harass them are not condemned.

“They harassed me, but they didn’t force me. For many years I didn’t believe in myself. When you are not perceived as a musician, as a professional, but only as a sex object and a piece of meat, it traumatizes you deep down,” Polyakova added.


Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova

As OBOZREVATEL reported earlier, Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak admitted that once producer Konstantin Meladze offered to help her with her career, but in return asked for a certain fee. According to the artist, the man felt sympathy for her. 

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