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Olga Kurylenko will play the wife of Antonio Banderas

Photo: East News

Olga Kurylenko becomes a partner of the actor Antonio Banderas! Olga will play a wife of celebrity.

Antonio Banderas have found a new screen passion. The Hollywood Reporter reports that in the film titled "Salty" (DATE still unknown) the lady of the heart of the new character will be played by Olga Kurylenko. The actress will play a spoiled supermodel tied the knot with the main character played by Antonio.

Antonio Banderas Photo: East News


The main character, Turk Henry - a former womanizer, now aging and obscenely rich rock star, went with his wife Sheila to rest to the exotic tropics. In the midst of a trip the musician's wife is kidnapped by pirates. They have not a ship, but have a great desire to annoy the rich man. At some point Turk realizes that he will have to save Sheila alone ...

The upcoming movie is based on the novel authored by Mark Haskell Smith, who at the same time participated in writing the script.

The film director Simon West said that Olga is ideally suited to fulfill this role. He is convinced that Kurylenko will brilliantly cope with this task and the audience will appreciate her acting talent.

Olga Kurylenko Photo: East News

Meanwhile, this fall Antonio Banderas will personally present his photo project «Antonio Banderas in Women in Gold». The exhibition will be held from September 14 to November 3 at Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow. Photo project reveals all facets of woman’s magic, which makes her truly compelling, surprising and unique. Pictures were already seen in Chile, Mexico, Argentina and Spain.


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