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“No one wants me anymore”: why the millionaire womanizer Marat Safin stopped dating women?


Now almost nothing is known about him. But there are a lot of rumors around the athlete. For example, he is credited with two illegitimate daughters.

Marat Safin dreamed of becoming a football player. But his mother, who at one time was one of the top ten Soviet tennis players, worked as a coach, so the boy had no choice. Until the age of 14, he studied in Russia, then he left for Valencia. At the age of 19, Marat became one of the 25 best tennis players in the world, and at 20 he beat Pete Sampras himself, won the title in the Grand Slam tournament and became the first racket of the world.

Then for several years there was a decline: the athlete was pursued by injuries. However, in 2005, he was able to beat Roger Federer, breaking his 26-match unbeaten streak. And won the second Grand Slam title.

In 2009, Marat Safin ended his career, remembered by tennis fans not only for his grandiose victories, but also for his defiant behavior. Breaking a few rackets, cutting the truth about the results of the match, lowering your pants in front of the audience - that's all Marat.

During his sports career, he earned more than $ 14 million from prize money alone. He has a penthouse in a prestigious building located near the Patriarch's Ponds in Moscow, and a cozy villa in Monte Carlo. For six years he was a State Duma deputy, but resigned ahead of schedule. Now she works in public sports organizations. "


Marat In 2005, at the Muz-TV ceremony, Marat was noticed with Polina Yumasheva. But nothing came of this relationship.

From early youth, Marat was known as an enviable groom. However, he himself did not think so and was in no hurry to tie the knot. The first girl who was credited with a serious relationship with Safin was Silvia Torres-Valero, the sister of a tennis player who studied with him at the same academy.

Then there were fashion model Maria Krivtsova, soloist of the Other Rules group Alena Selezneva, singer from the Brilliant Anastasia Osipova, model Anna Druzyaka, actress Elena Korikova, Valeria Yakubovskaya (whose daughter is considered born of Marat, but none of them confirm this information). ) and a series of unknown beauties. The most striking in this series were two women. First, Dasha Zhukova, whom Marat, perhaps for the only time in his life, publicly introduced as his girlfriend - right at the stadium in Melbourne after winning the tournament. True, after a few months Dasha chose a more profitable game - Roman Abramovich.

Then the opera singer Aida Garifullina. It seemed like they were made for each other. Marat's mother hoped so much that Aida would become her daughter-in-law! But this did not happen. A short time after the breakup, Aida Garifullina gave birth to a daughter, hiding her father's name. Safin also disowns this girl. "Marat Marat Safin and Aida Garifullina both glowed with happiness The most interesting thing is that not a single woman spoke badly about the tennis player after the break.

- I have never met such a man as Marat. When I talked with Safin, I caught myself thinking: where are his stellar manners? And they are not. He was tough and gentle with me, brutal and romantic, - Anastasia Osipova, a former member of the Brilliant group, shared with Express Newspaper. - We are no longer together, I have a different family, but I will always remember Marat with warmth.

I will never forget the days I spent with him. Marat Safin is the real ideal of a man. He arranged unique dates by candlelight, with luxurious bouquets of flowers. I introduced him to my mother, she liked him very much. We spent four wonderful years together. And they remained good friends, - admitted Aida Garifullina.


After the opera diva, beautiful women of varying degrees of fame stopped swarming next to Marat.

I live alone, with cats. The more I get to know people, the more I love animals. No one is after me anymore, seriously. Over the years, you begin to appreciate the silence and loneliness - not in a sad way, but just loneliness and peace. And I would like to find a woman partner who shares the same understanding of life. It would be interesting, such a coincidence of worldviews. A sense of humor and the desire to develop a person must also be present. And intelligence,” Marat Safin confessed live with Tina Kandelaki in the spring of 2020. "


However, even after that, he was not seen in public places with a girl. Only in December, when he appeared at the birthday party of Victoria Boni with TV presenter Ekaterina Odintsova, immediately noting that they were friends and just arrived together. And then he was exposed to the birthday girl in the microblog: he basked in the sun in the courtyard of her villa in Monte Carlo and had breakfast with Victoria in her kitchen the next morning.

The former star of "House-2" deliberately hinted that they spent the night together. However, Marat did not appear in her life again. It seems that the 43-year-old bachelor is much more interesting to communicate with cats.

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