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No longer happy together: Jesse leaves P NATION ?


Jessie's exclusive contract with P NATION has expired and the K-pop artist has decided not to renew it.

Together we figure out what led to her such an unexpected decision ?

No longer happy together: Jesse leaves P NATION ? Three years ago, Jessie became the first artist of the up-and-coming P NATION , the agency of the world famous PSY . In a couple of years, the company has gathered really cool artists under its roof (Hyuna, Dong, Crush, Penomeco, TNX, etc.) and actively promotes them, which is sometimes a rarity in the industry. That's why all the fans were shocked whenNewsenannounced that Jesse will not renew his exclusive contract and will leave the label ?

P NATION statement to stop working with Jesse ?

Hello, this is P NATION.

First, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone for Jesse's love and support. We publish this post in order to announce that our exclusive contract with her has come to an end.

As the first artist of P NATION from the very beginning to this moment, Jessie has become the one whom fans especially love for her hard work and passion for her work. The way she achieves her goals has become a positive example for all P NATION artists.

We will continue to support her future creative projects. Thank you to the fans who love Jessie and please continue to give her your support in the future. No longer happy together: Jesse leaves P NATION ?


Jessie herself has not yet commented on the news, but many people think that this is due to the fact that the artist has repeatedly mentioned that she wants to start a family . Fans note that the girl had great promos and activities outside the stage, and therefore it is interesting what really made her make such a decision. We hope that this will be the beginning of a new happy chapter in her life ✊?

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