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Nikki Reed's ex-boyfriend Pavel Priluchnyy and Agatha Muceniece divorced after eight years of marriage

Pavel Priluchnyy and Agata Mutsenietse

30-year-old actress Agata Mutsenietse and 32-year-old actor Pavel Priluchnyy announced a breakup. They reported this on instagram.

You know, I have a certain post, which I have to post at a certain time with a certain text, having agreed in advance with everyone. Honestly, I was about to do so. A lot of advisers now. Like what to write? What to do? How not to spoil the image? 

Nothing! (Damn, well, I dashed a couple of poems under Artik & Asti.) I just (I wanted to write - a girl, then I remembered that I was 30 years old) was a woman who came to the conclusion that she had to legally divorce. I love him - yes! Millions of young ladies will rejoice - yes! Failure - no! I am grateful for everything! We are forever connected, we wrote a beautiful love story! I embrace everyone! P. S. Everything is mutual, amicable, with respect and understanding, and we pay tribute to everything that happened! - wrote Muceniece.

Our beautiful love story should remain beautiful. To do this, you need to stop it in time, which we decided to do. We ask you and the media to show solidarity, because this is a difficult period in life. We plan to officially terminate our relations, but we will always be relatives to each other and will love our children just as much, and maybe even more. Our relations remain friendly, everything happens mutually, with respect and in an adult way! Thank you so loved our couple, we all love you too! - commented on the separation Priluchnyy.

Split rumors have been circulating long ago: the couple has not been spotted together for some time, and in addition, last year the media wrote that Pavel beat Agatha, but the actress herself did not confirm this information then.

Pavel Priluchnyy and Agatha Muceniece secretly married in July 2011. In 2013, they became parents for the first time - their son Timothy was born, and in 2016 their daughter Mia was born. Agata Mutseniece and Pavel Priluchnyy with children

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