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Nikki Reed revealed unknown facts about Ian Somerhalder on the occasion of his birthay

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Yesterday, December Ian Somerhalder turned 39 years old, and his wife, the star of"Twilight" Nikki Reed could not refrain from a congratulations on the social network. A few hours ago Nikki posted on Instagram post, in which not only told her husband a lot of tender words, but also revealed a few unknown facts. A text accompanied by photos from the personal archive. 

I dedicate this post to a single person who loves broccoli and homemade facial masks more than I ... My poet, dreamer, most favorite guy in the world. On the day you were born, I feel very happy. Another year has passed, it is an incredible year, we certainly never forget. I like to listen to your beautiful voice in the morning, when we sing songs together. It's great to know that I can always rely on you, and be sure that you buy five servings of French fries, and four of them give me. I like to travel with you around the country and listen to the stories of your past life. It's cool to suddenly realize that the music in the car for a long time stopped to play, and we did not notice it, because we always have something to talk about. I love to watch how you build funny faces and it makes our daughterlaugh. I love our walks, during which you can tell me about every plant, every flower and tree, which we pass by. I love our nights spent on the veranda of the house under a starry sky, when you talk about your dreams. Thank you, that always remind me of the fact that only a few really important things are important in this life. Happy birthday to the best husband and father in the world. 39 suits you. We love you!


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Recall, Nikki and Ian Somerhalder got married in 2015. June 25 this year, Nikki gave birth to the firstborn. The newly mom and dad called the baby an unusual name - Bodhi Soleil Reed Somerhalder.


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