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Nikita and Alena Presnyakovs told why they still have no children


Alena and Nikita Presnyakov Photo: Global Look Pres

Orbakaite's daughter-in-law denied pregnancy rumors. It seems that Alla Pugacheva will not soon become a great-grandmother. The youngest son of Christina Orbakaite, Deni Baysarov, is not going to marry, and Nikita Presnyakov, who married three years ago, has no plans to have children yet. The 29-year-old musician and his wife Alena told about it in the TNT show "Borodina against Buzova".

According to Nikita Presnyakov, he would like to raise children in the future, but so far both he and Alena consider their family complete without heirs. Alena Presnyakova supplemented the answer with her opinion. According to the girl, the children do not fit into the plans that the couple already have.


We also want to travel together, we want to work together, there are plans for the future, perhaps a joint project ... And age. I'm not ready for children yet, neither is Nikita. We have a carefree time so far. For example, we like to sleep until twelve - added Alena Presnyakova.

Note that Alena is often rumored to be pregnant. The last time such rumors circulated in October 2020. But Alena denied these assumptions, showing off a fit body on Instagram while trying on a sports outfit.


We also wrote earlier that Nikita Presnyakov and his wife finally showed off the apartment, which they received as a gift from the famous grandmother of the musician. In a large apartment there was a place for a spacious kitchen, a mini-studio and even an atelier, in which Alena Presnyakova creates sketches of dresses and jackets for their subsequent sewing.



Photo: @alenaakrasnova, @ npresnyakov / Instagram; Komsomolskaya Pravda / Global Look Press


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