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Nicolas Lefebvre: what do we know about the new lover of Monica Bellucci


Nicolas Lefebvre and Monica Bellucci

At the end of last year it became known that 54-year-old Monica Bellucci had a new lover - the first "official" star boyfriend after her parting with Vincent Cassel. It turned out to be a 36-year-old French artist Nicholas Lefebvre. In December, the couple was photographed during a romantic stroll through Paris, and yesterday they came together for the first time - Monica and Nicholas attended the Chanel show as part of the Paris Fashion Week. The new boyfriend of Bellucci aroused genuine interest among the public. Who he is, what he does and how he managed to win the heart of the famous actress, we tell in our article.

1. Nicholas was born on June 22, 1982 in Boulogne-Billancourt, a suburb of Paris.

2. Nicolas Lefebvre from childhood was fond of art - he was inspired by the writer Andre Breton, the sculptor Constantin Brancusi and the artist Joan Miro. Therefore, he determined how to proceed: Nicholas studied at the School of Art and Culture, as well as at the Louvre School in Paris.

Nicholas is a specialist in African, Oceanic and Amazonian art.

3. After graduation, he went to Peru, where he was looking for antique furniture of the 1950s - old pieces of interior also occupied him greatly.

4. Returning to Paris, he began working with antiques and decorator Axel Vervoordt and took part in several exhibitions and festivals of antiques.

5. In 2008, Nicholas opened an art gallery, the exhibits of which were paintings, pieces of furniture and interior.

6. A year later, a tragic event occurred in his life — Nicholas's mother died. This event greatly influenced him. However, he did not fall into depression and did not experience a creative crisis - on the contrary, he began to work even more and more actively. 

7. Not much is known about the artist’s personal life. He has a six-year-old daughter Anaha from a previous relationship

My relationship with my daughter is very strong. I always take her with me to exhibitions and fairs, and even to "hunt" for antiques. She likes to come to my workshop, where she freely and easily expresses herself. She loves to decorate our house and always helps me in this, and I listen to her opinion, - he said in an interview.

Nicolas Lefebvre and his daughter

8. He is rumored to have met Monica Bellucci last summer. Not only a love of painting and sculpture brought them together, but also a passion for travel. Because of their professions, both of them often go on trips.

I have been meeting with one man for a long time, and we are fine. He has a completely different job, but because of it he also has to travel a lot around the world. That is why he perfectly understands me and shares my lifestyle. “I am very happy,” admitted Monica.

Monica Bellucci and Nicolas Lefebvre

9. Nicolas Lefebvre has Instagram and Facebook. While there, however, there is not a single picture with Monica. However, it is possible that now that they have betrayed their relationship to publicity, he will delight his followers with staff together with the actress.

10. Nicholas is a very charismatic guy with a bright and attractive appearance. It is not surprising that he already has a large number of fans, who leave enthusiastic comments in social networks.



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