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New Vronsky: 6 facts about the actor Roman Vasiliev from the "Anna K" Netflix series



On Tuesday afternoon it became known that Roman Vasiliev will play the role of Anna Karenina's lover in the Netflix series Anna K. We decided to collect everything that is known today about the young actor.

1. Roman Vasiliev was born in Moldova (although some sources claim that in Kaliningrad) on September 9, 1994, but has been living in Moscow for several years.


2. In high school, Roman studied in a theater class. After he moved to Moscow, where in 2012 he entered the Moscow Art Theater School, on the course of V.A.Ryzhakov. In 2016 he successfully graduated from his workshop.


3. For several years Vasiliev has been serving in the Center. Sun. Meyerhold. There he is involved in a variety of productions: "Unmodern Concert" , "Contemporary Concert" , "#Chestihi: To Love" , "Chekhov. Three Sisters" , "Olympia" , " Baal ", " Peter Pan. Phantom Vibrations ".


4. At the same time, he started acting in films and TV shows only in 2017, and has rarely appeared on the screen. His filmography includes such works as "Better than People", "Identification", "Girls Don't Give Up", "Alienist", "Swan Lake".


5. In parallel with his studies at the Moscow Art Theater, he moonlighted as a model: it is known that in the spring of 2016 he opened one of the fashion shows as part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia.


6. The first publications on Instagram by Roman Vasiliev, dated 2014 - only with the star of the "Chiki" (Chiks) TV series, Varvara Shmykova. What connected the young actors, in addition to the general performances in the theater in the past, we can only guess.



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