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New pictures of the grown son of Johnny Depp blew up the network


The heir to the main pirate of Hollywood went on a date with a girl and instantly hit the front pages of the tabloids. Now fans are wondering which of the parents the star offspring looks like.

The son of Hollywood actor Johnny Depp and actress Vanessa Paradis Jack appeared on the streets of London and surprised the public: the network cannot understand which parent he looks like. 

For 13 years, Depp and Paradis were considered one of the strongest couples in Hollywood. During this time, celebrities had a daughter, Lily-Rose, and a son, Jack. And if a lot is known about the successes of the eldest heiress, then about the youngest son - only that he leads a secretive lifestyle.

The other day, the paparazzi caught Depp's heir walking in London: judging by the pictures, 18-year-old Jack and his model girlfriend Camilla Jansen were not happy with the attention of the press.

Looking at the photos, social media users began to wonder which of the star parents Jack looks like. Many agreed that the son of Paradis and Depp took the best from both actors. And at the same time they expressed regret that the guy did not follow in the footsteps of his father and preferred an ascetic lifestyle to his acting career.


And if the son refrains from publicity, the father happily demonstrates the opposite: Johnny Depp was caught with a new passion before the trial with Amber Heard. In the world Life style Johnny Depp London

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