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New affair? Till Lindemann and his Russian women



No sooner had the conversations around the musician’s romance with Svetlana Loboda died down than new ones flared up. Now Lindemann is rumored to be romantically linked with Mari Kraimbrery. 

Till Lindemann has long been famous not only for Rammstein's world hits, but also for his tender feelings for Slavic young ladies. So, the conversations around the musician’s romance with Svetlana Loboda did not have time to subside, as new ones flared up. Now Lindemann is rumored to be romantically linked  with Mari Kraimbreri. Details are provided by Starhit. 

It is noted that Lindemann was seen in the dressing room at Kraimbrery at a concert in Moscow. The Rammstein frontman came there with a big bouquet of flowers. He stayed with the 29-year-old singer for about ten minutes, after which he and his entourage proceeded to the VIP room to enjoy the concert. Marina Vadimovna Zhadan, better known as Mari Kraimbrery, is a Ukrainian and Russian singer, songwriter and music producer.

Mari Kraimbrery

She gained her first fame after the release of the single "Can I live without you" on July 16, 2012. Throughout her musical career, the singer released two singles (“I feel so good” and “Ocean”), which were played on the radio more than a million times. Marina is a laureate and nominee of various music awards, including the MUZ-TV, RU.TV, ZD Awards and the Song of the Year television festival. Two-time winner of the Russian music award "Golden Gramophone" radio station "Russian Radio".


marikraimbrery/ marikraimbrery/

As for Lindemann's ex-girlfriend, Svetlana Loboda, she went to live in Cyprus. According to rumors, she even gave birth to a child from the German rocker. The girl was named Tilda. However, despite the huge number of rumors, they never found confirmation.

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