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Natalia Vodianova stood up for Julia Samoilova

The famous model Natalia Vodianova spoke about the controversial situation that Yulia Samoilova found herself in.

Yulia Samoilova Photo: First Channel

Representatives of the First Channel rejected the proposal of the leadership of the international song contest "Eurovision": the Russian singer Julia Samoilova, who was banned from entering Ukraine, was offered to act remotely - by videolink.

"The first channel received the EBU's official proposal to perform in the semifinal of the contest via live broadcast from Moscow," the appeal says. - In this regard, we consider it necessary to state the following.

The first channel acted in full accordance with the rules of "Eurovision" and chose the participant of the contest, which is registered by the EBU and remains the current contestant. According to the rules of "Eurovision", the broadcasting country should provide all participants "the opportunity to obtain an entry visa for the entire period of the event." Thus, Julia Samoilova's refusal to enter the territory of Ukraine violates the rules of the contest. We consider the offer of distance participation strange and refuse it, because it certainly contradicts the very meaning of the event, whose strict rule is the live performance on the stage of "Eurovision". We believe that the European Broadcasting Union should not reinvent the new rules for the Russian participant in 2017 and is able to hold a competition in accordance with their same rules. "

Natalia Vodianova shared her perspective on the scandal surrounding the participation of Julia Samoilova in the Eurovision Song Contest. She posted on her Instagram:

"I can't believe this is happening! My heart is bleeding yet a week ago I was over the moon when found out that Russia is going to be represented at #Eurovision by beautiful singer Yulia Samoilova. I could not imagine that the hosting country officials would use Yulia as a pawn in their political game. This can hardly help any of it and only further humiliate people of Russia and Ukraine. My grandmother is from Ukraine and half of our family lives there. I hope that my Ukrainian relatives and friends will support my words of inclusivity and diversity. Let #eurodivision not happen!!!".

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