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Nastasya Samburskaya told why Egor Creed disgusts her


The screen star dislikes the rapper with all her heart

Recently, actress Nastasya Samburskaya confirmed that she had a new romance, but did not reveal the identity of her chosen one. However, in a new interview, the star was still asked to consider the candidacies of famous bachelors.

Before this, the 36-year-old celebrity spoke about her dream of starting a family and admitted that it was difficult for her to find a suitable partner. Nastasya later stated that none of the ex-boyfriends met her ideas about her husband. According to Samburskaya, there may be many criteria for a potential spouse, but in the end everything is built around external attractiveness and kindness.

Among the famous personalities who did not meet Samburskaya’s criteria were Yegor Creed and Pavel Durov. The actress admitted that she was dissatisfied with meeting Creed.

Simply no! Have you seen how he communicates at all? How to talk to this? How to live with this? He needs to marry himself. He, in my opinion, is deeply married to himself. Nastasya Samburskaya

As for Pavel Durov, the actress humorously noted that she did not want to communicate with him because of “bad genetics,” hinting at a hair transplant performed by the businessman.

PHOTO: Vyacheslav Prokofiev /TASS

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