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Name change, panic attacks, social media rejection and 7 more facts about Emma Stone


You didn't know for sure

Emma Stone Photo: Global Look Press

Hollywood stars try to keep secret the details of their lives, often very extraordinary. We study actors and actresses with the most unusual fates. Next in line is the story of Emma Stone. 

1. Forcibly changed her real name


Emma Stone

Emma's name is Emily Jean, and the star of "La La Landa" was forced to change her real name at the very beginning of her career. The fact is that when the girl joined the Screen Actors Guild of the United States, the name "Emily Stone" was taken by another actress, and according to the rules of the guild, its members cannot bear the same names in order to avoid confusion. Thus, Emily turned into Emma Stone, but, according to the star, her relatives and close friends still refer to her as Emily.

2 Naturally blonde


Emma Stone

Emma belongs to the galaxy of actresses who are naturally blondes, but due to professional necessity, they changed their native hair color. So, for example, did Angelina Jolie and Dakota Johnson, who inherited luxurious blonde curls from their mother, Melanie Griffith.

Emma is also blonde, but she constantly dyes her hair either red or auburn. For the first time, Stone had to make such a noticeable transformation in preparation for filming in the comedy "Superbad" - the producer of the tape, Judd Apatow, recommended the actress to become a brunette, justifying this by the fact that the dark shade of her hair seemed to him more organic for the Emma's heroine.

3 Shameful Childhood Habit, Panic Attacks, Homeschooling


Emma Stone

The Oscar-winning actress often says that as a child she was not only active, but in many ways an anxious child. To cope with anxiety, the girl often sucked her thumb and managed to get rid of this shameful habit only when she was 11 years old. Moreover, for 7 years while studying at school, Stone wore braces, which at that moment looked really frightening and did not help the girl to become the favorite of the class.

By the way, Stone's difficult adolescence did not end there - in high school, the future Hollywood star regularly suffered from panic attacks, which later inspired her to write the book I Am Stronger Than My Anxiety. At the same time, the girl's parents decided to transfer her to home schooling, which lasted two years.

4 Found an unusual way to convince parents to move to Hollywood


Emma Stone

Despite the increased anxiety, Emma performed on stage from early childhood: she studied at the acting studio and took part in small theatrical performances. By the time she reached the senior classes, the girl had definitely decided on her future profession and realized that in order to achieve her goal, she needed to move closer to the “dream factory”. From words to action, Emma used Power Point to make a homebrew presentation to her parents in which she clearly tried to prove to them the benefits of moving her family to Los Angeles. One can only admire the support that the parents gave their daughter: they not only accepted her position, but also decided to move. By the way, it took 8 months to acquire Emma's own agent and start going to auditions.

5.Personally recorded her casting for her breakout role

In this video, filmed in her own bedroom, 22-year-old Emma Stone tries to impress the casting directors of the youth comedy Achievement of Easy Achievement. The aspiring actress so badly wanted to get into a promising project that she decided to make her video tests literally on her knees: she put a small camera and, sitting on the bed, played one of the scenes of the future film.

This seemingly uncomplicated plan worked - the producers noticed Stone and was entrusted with the main role. Emma herself recalls this experience with a smile and admits that she did the video without believing in her own strength. The girl believed that the role had already been "booked" for some Hollywood star, and decided to just go for broke. The efforts of the future Oscar winner paid off - it was from this role that the star's career went uphill. Immediately after the "Excellent student of easy virtue", Stone starred in the successful films "Friendship Sex" and "This Stupid Love" (the latter also introduced her to her permanent on-screen lover Ryan Gosling).

6 Doesn't like to remember her shameful role


Emma Stone

Before Emma started appearing on screen with Ryan Gosling more often than without him, she tried her hand at youth comedies. The actress starred in Boys Like It, a story of the growing up of a “vanilla-caramel” model forced to move from the mansion of Playboy owner Hugh Hefner to her dilapidated mobile home. The main character decides not to become discouraged, but to spend her free time with benefit - to lead the "squad of gray mice", which she intends to instill a sense of beauty. Stone played one of these simpletons.

The role of a frivolous brunette without her own “I” is not the pinnacle of an acting dream, but it seems very convincing for that time. In 2008, such pictures came out in batches on the wave of popularity of the "golden girl" Paris Hilton and her friend Kim Kardashian. Hence the style of the film itself: colorful, expensive and absolutely meaningless.

7 Nearly played with Ryan Gosling ...


Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling

Again Since we've mentioned Ryan Gosling above many times, it's impossible to ignore the fact that Emma and Ryan seem like the perfect on-screen couple with an equally perfect on-screen romance. Yes, the artists worked together three times in films, according to the plot of which they had to act out beautiful love stories in front of the audience.

In 2011, a simple but sweet romantic comedy "This Stupid Love" was released. The audience warmly received the film, not suspecting that a new beautiful acting duo was born on the screen. Subsequently, Stone and Gosling played lovers in the crime thriller Hunt for Gangsters and the musical La La Land. The on-screen chemistry between the actors only breaks out on set, and in real life, Emma and Ryan have never met, but are close friends. On the red carpet, artists often tease each other and admit that they love their duet, even if there never was real romantic feelings between them.

By the way, the joint filmography of the stars almost replenished with another picture - the producers dreamed of luring the actors into the film "Focus", but the latter, due to their strong employment, simply could not agree on their working schedules. As a result, Will Smith and Margot Robbie got the roles of fraudulent magicians.

8 Refuses to use social networks


Emma with her husband Dave McCurry

Several years ago,  attackers hacked into her Twitter account. Emma took this situation as a sign that it is better to keep personal space from strangers, and deleted the page. She adheres to the same position in relation to Instagram. Stone admitted that social media makes her feel vulnerable. Emma added that she is not ready for the fact that other people will evaluate her appearance and lifestyle.

Despite this firm position, it is partly through social networks that the star shares important news about himself with fans. So, last year, Stone's beloved Dave McCurry posted a selfie with Emma, ​​in which she showed an expensive ring on her ring finger. So the star couple announced their engagement, and after a while it became known that the lovers got married.

9 Missing a Role in Heroes by Emma Stone


In the mid-2000s, Heroes was a teen television hit and partly a precursor to future blockbusters from Marvel and DC. This project not only developed the theme of superheroics in its own way, but also turned the performers into world stars.

It is noteworthy that Emma Stone initially auditioned for the role of Claire Bennet, but missed her chance, and the character was given to Hayden Panettiere. Emma, ​​recalling this unfortunate failure, admits that she still perceives that moment as "her worst Hollywood experience." We would argue, yet remembering her role in "Boys Like It."

10 Learned to play the bass guitar and speaks sign language


Emma Stone

It was a personal initiative of the future actress, hoping that one day this skill might be useful to her in real life.

It was not so simple to play the guitar - yes, she studied vocals from a young age, but she did not have the proper musical education and was always panicky afraid that she would have to portray a musician in the frame and the audience would notice that she was just pretends. Stone's fears were justified when in 2008 she was offered to star in the musical comedy The Naked Drummer. But instead of continuing to be afraid, Emma made a strong-willed decision to learn to play the bass guitar, as it should be for her character. As a result, the actress mastered playing a musical instrument, but later admitted that after the end of filming she did not touch it.

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