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MOVIE From love to hate: what you need to know about the new film "Malcolm and Marie" with Zendaya and John David Washington?


Netflix has a beautiful black and white premiere - 35mm film from Euphoria author Sam Levinson, Malcolm and Marie, starring Zendaya and John David Washington. The script of the picture was born in quarantine, then it was in secrecy and was filmed, keeping the details of the plot secret.

In the center of events - a young and ambitious director and his beloved, who returned home after the premiere of his debut film. He is - inspired and eagerly awaits criticism; she - cannot forgive him for not being mentioned in the speech of thanks. These two find out the relationship all night with caustic attacks on each other and mutual reproaches, and the pauses in the dialogues of the characters are filled with songs by Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone, James Brown and many others. The costumes deserve special attention (by the way, the personal stylists of the actors Low Roach and Samantha McMillen were responsible for them): Malcolm - in a black Prada suit, Marie - in an Aliétte dress with metallic threads and a new variation of the cross neckline, developed by the brand designer Jason Rembert, and later - in a knitted T-shirt, ribbed briefs and a vintage robe taken from Ze's own wardrobe.


"Malcolm and Marie"


"Malcolm and Marie"

In general, there are many autobiographical moments in the characters' quarrels associated with the director of "Malcolm and Marie": through dialogue, he speaks with the audience about how personal life is reflected in art, where the line is between work and biography, about the problems of the film industry and "old Hollywood". As a result, however, the couple in Sam Levinson's lens does not come to anything: the quarrel ends, it's time to go to bed, and there is no need to expect an unexpected ending. Nevertheless, it's worth watching - such "chamber" premieres on Netflix are rare. Well, Zendaya, of course, is gorgeous here.

Malcolm and Marie


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