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Monica Bellucci is dating Tim Burton


58-year-old actress Monica Bellucci is dating 64-year-old director Tim Burton. This is reported by the French newspaper Paris Match. According to the publication, the couple's romance has been going on for four months.

The magazine published a frame in which Bellucci and Burton walk around Paris, holding hands. The newspaper promises to tell the details of their romance in the next issue.



Monica Bellucci and Tim Burton/Paris Match cover

Their relationship, according to the publication, began during the Lumiere Brothers Film Festival, which was held in Lyon in October last year.

“Sorry for the yellowness, but this is just the match of the century. I’m happy for Monica and Tim ” - wrote Evil Editor in her telegram channel " Journalist Katya Miloslavskaya. 

Monica Bellucci broke up with French artist Nicolas Lefebvre four years ago. Previously, the actress was in a relationship with Vincent Cassel for 17 years, from whom she has two daughters. They broke up in 2013.


Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter/

Tim Burton, in turn, divorced actress Helena Bonham Carter in 2014 , to whom he was married for 13 years. They have two common children together.

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