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Model Snejana Onopka spoke about her husband's threats


Ukrainian model Snejana Onopka spoke about her husband's threats and admitted why one should not keep silent about domestic violence. What the woman had to go through, read our material. 

Snejana Onopka is a Ukrainian supermodel. She became the advertising face of the world's best companies: Calvin Klein , Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci , Lanvin, Prada , Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton , Shiseido.

The model has already confessed to domestic violence in her family . The star has repeatedly told how businessman Nikolai Shchur, her husband, used to beat her .

In an interview  Snejana shared what threats she received from Nikolai.


Snejana Onopka and Nikolay Shchur photo

Now the model is in very difficult times, because she has to protect herself from the persecution of her husband.

I have a difficult divorce. With threats, with everything else. But I let it go. I want us to be divorced, to share our property, and that's it - we no longer remember each other, - Snejana told about her cherished desire.


Snejana Onopka photo

Only in the ninth year of marriage did she publicly reveal the truth:

Sometimes there is no choice. When you are threatened, unfortunately, there is nothing to do but fight back and tell the truth. It just happened, I didn't want it.


Snejana Onopka photo

It means she could not leave earlier. Each, probably, has its own term, its own limit of patience. I could not. Mistake. I wish all women who find themselves in a similar situation not to wait so long and try to leave earlier. Because nothing will change. It will only get worse - commented on her long silence Onopka.


Snejana Onopka photo

Talking about violence and threats to the media is a necessary measure to protect yourself and other women from such tragic situations:

I tried to solve everything peacefully at first. It didn't work out, he began to threaten. I had no choice but to go to the press and act, because I am a girl and I do what I can.


Snejana Onopka photo

It turns out that not only Snejana experienced suffering, but also her mother:

There are a lot of them and they were recently. Psychiatric hospitals, prison, and parents were touched. Mom mostly. In fact, everything is very serious.

Most importantly, now Snejana Onopka does not lose hope and is ready to fight for her dignity:

If I regret something deeply, I will go crazy. Therefore, I took the following position: everything that I have experienced means that this should have happened. And it will only get better. New plans, new battles, new up and down, etc. I do not dwell on the past, I go forward, I know my goals and I want to achieve them.


Snejana Onopka photo

Note that Snejana Onopka married Donetsk businessman Nikolai Shchur in 2011. Snejana also had a relationship with the president of the Equestrian Federation of Ukraine, Alexander Onishchenko . In December 2009, they were supposed to celebrate the wedding, but the couple broke up.

Two years earlier, a businessman from Moldova, 14 years older than her, made an offer to the woman. But the wedding did not take place. Earlier, the model talked about a difficult relationship with her father .

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