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"Miss Universe" Harnaaz Sandhu spoke about the bullying because of the weight gain after the victory


Bullying on social networks brought the girl not only to a nervous breakdown, but even almost to depression. 

Harnaaz Sandhu, who overnight became world famous thanks to her victory in the beauty contest "Miss Universe", complained of bullying by Internet users. Naturally, after the triumph, many tens of thousands of people signed up for her page (now there are 4.6 million subscribers on her page), but the girl did not expect such a flow of hate addressed to her.

In an interview with People magazine, the Indian woman said that after the competition she gained weight, but the current form suits her perfectly. Changes in the figure occurred because, in preparation for the competition, she was on a strict diet and almost never got out of the gym. And now she deservedly lives for her own pleasure in a new apartment in New York, bought after winning.

I was really focused on achieving my goal and didn’t think much about my health,” the former contestant admits. - All this time I was training, doing a lot of exercises. But immediately after the victory, I had a few months to just relax. During this time, I gave up the exercises and just enjoyed the time with my family, eating delicious food. I didn’t think it would affect my body, but I didn’t worry at all.

But, despite the psychological comfort, the subscribers were not satisfied that she "relaxed" and literally hounded her:

Physically, I have grown above myself - I have gained more kilograms and increased my weight, which now suits me perfectly. But they began to mock me terribly because of this. Every day people began to express their opinion, a negative reaction to something that does not concern them and should not have such a value. It's not about how you look, but what kind of person you are from the inside, how you treat people and what you believe in.


June 2022


December 2021

Some of the online comments were so violent that they brought Sandhu to tears more than once and now she has a pre-depressive state. Now the girl is trying to restore peace of mind - only for her own sake.

I was bullied because I gained weight. I cried many times because of these comments. And now I can sometimes break down at the most unexpected moment - like when I'm just about to go on stage or something like that, and all these words pop up in my head again. It's really sad.

I was embarrassed and at the same time surprised to see people express their opinions, which really should not matter. It's not about how you look, but about who you are inside, how you treat people and what you believe in, the beauty is convinced.


Recall, Indian Harnaaz Sandhu became the owner of the title "Miss Universe 2021" in early December last year.

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