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Meladze's divorced daughter showed off a new groom


Inga and Denis are having a romantic vacation in Sochi.

The eldest daughter of Valery Meladze Inga divorced her husband last year. The reasons for this are unknown, since the singer's family does not like to talk about his personal life.

Recently, there were reports on the network that Inga is going to get married. She is very happy because a new lover has appeared in her life. According to rumors, his name is Denis Davydov and he is one of the founders of the design studio N3 Design.

However, the close friends of the girl, as always, are silent and do not comment on this information, but one of the popular Telegram channels spread it, which even learned that Valery Meladze approved the choice of his daughter.

However, Inga has already shared pictures with her new boyfriend on the social network. Currently, lovers spend time in Sochi: they visit restaurants, walk in the mountains and ride the funicular. The girl actively publishes new photos in Stories, among which there are many that clearly indicate the romantic relationship between Inga and Denis.

Recall that in 2017, Inga married Nuri Vergese, whom she had known since studying at the Cambridge School. The wedding was celebrated according to Russian and Moroccan traditions. However, after a year and a half, the couple announced their intention to divorce.




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