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“Married a 45-year-old by calculation” or where did singer SHAMAN come from?


No one knew singer SHAMAN (aka Yaroslav Dronov), when suddenly he appeared literally from nowhere, and even very popular. And now many call him "the most Russian singer." So, by the way, dreadlocks are not quite in Russian. But there is something in the history of SHAMAN that he prefers not to talk about.

The main discovery of the last year …or the rise of a patriotic star in a matter of weeks.

It is worth citing as an example other so-called "stars" that appeared literally out of nowhere - these are Tik-Tokers. They shot videos with strange sounds, other people's songs. They became millionaire bloggers, and then they started releasing their own songs. Some gained popularity faster, others more slowly.

Well, “SHAMAN” really arose out of nowhere - and even at a time when social networks were simply turned off. It did not become banned (you know which one), as well as Chinese Tik-Tok (not available to this day). In the photo: singer Yaroslav Dronov Thus, overnight, the market for the production of new stars "fell". But at the same time, the previously unknown SHAMAN appeared. The question is how? Moreover, the main patriotic discovery of the past year was - a kind of Gazmanov of his time.

The foundations were laid by Alla Pugacheva


About 10 years ago there was such a program "Factor A", where Yaroslav Dronov, being 21 years old, took 3rd place. Then the "Golden Star" was presented to him by Pugacheva herself. By the way, an interesting observation - now the collective Galkins are in another country and do not recognize the Motherland that they were raised, and Shaman himself is the most patriotic singer. After Factor A, he just vanished.

And only 2 years ago he was in the hands of Drobysh - the man who raised a lot of high-flying stars. So Dronov got a well-known nickname. And now there is a huge queue for SHAMAN concerts, he has no end to his girlfriends-fans. But something about this story doesn't add up. So what's the deal? Why did Drobysh notice Yaroslav, unknown to anyone at that time, who had almost nothing to do with music for 8 years? And there is an answer to this question.

"Shaman Support"

And now in numerous interviews he says: “Sometimes I want to work as an ordinary janitor. They are all lonely. I like the feeling of being alone." Slightly pretentious, but oh well.


Yaroslav with his ex-wife Marina Roshchupkina and their daughter Varya in the photo on the right

It all started with family life - marriage to a vocal teacher. With a difference of 6 years in age. Roshchupkina was 22 years old, and he was only 16. Nevertheless, a daughter, Varya, was later born in the family. But Marina did not want to move to Moscow. Because a dormitory with bedbugs is not suitable for family life, even if this room is located in the capital. Meetings with his wife and child became increasingly rare. Next is divorce.

At the request of neither his wife, but the SHAMAN himself. Allegedly because of treason, she chose a mistress for herself, older than herself by as much as 18 years, and Dronova, who was completely suitable for her father.

Shaman told why he broke up with Marina

Beautiful story, right? But not everything in it is true. The journalists did a good job of digging and found out the inconvenient truth, which Yaroslav himself would prefer to hide further.

At the same time, Elena Martynova was present in his life - well, a very wealthy woman who occupies several TOP positions in different campaigns. She sponsored the novice singer in all endeavors. And by coincidence, it turned out that it was not the ex-wife who found a lover 18 years older, but Yaroslav himself found a mistress who was 16 years older than him.


Dronov with Elena Martynova

Now, thanks to Martynova, he is not only known, but also lives in Barvikha - on Rublyovka. So expensive housing there with a network of underground tunnels that Kirkorov cannot afford anything like that. But SHAMAN continues tellingly that he hates a rich life, and he lives in a small rented apartment in the capital. Somehow rather two-faced, don't you think? Nevertheless, this does not take away patriotism. And he has enough money to follow the example of "senior colleagues" and run over the hill.

Nevertheless, SHAMAN does not do this - a patriot and nothing more.

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