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Maria Sharapova gave the first interview after the birth of her son and spoke about motherhood



Maria Sharapova/New Beauty/Radka Leitmeritz

Maria Sharapova gave her first interview after the birth of her son. She starred in a photo shoot for the magazine and spoke about motherhood and her condition after the birth of a child. The 35-year-old Russian tennis player, who retired in 2020, became a mother for the first time in July this year. She gave birth to a son, Theodore, from her lover , British billionaire Alexander Gilkes. Maria stated that she was ready for motherhood. “It was what I dreamed about all my life,” Sharapova said. “I felt ready to have a baby and pass on my own experience.” Maria added that now she spends every day praying for her son.


Maria Sharapova Maria Sharapova/New Beauty/Radka Leitmeritz

Sharapova admitted that her birth was difficult, and motherhood, despite all the joys, is not easy. “It seems to me that I have never felt so weak in my life as the day after giving birth,” Sharapova said in an interview. “Even simple movements seem like a huge progress.” Difficulties arose with nutrition due to breastfeeding - the former tennis player admitted that she feels hungry all the time. "Everyone treats their body differently after giving birth, but I feel now that I constantly need to eat." Sharapova does not hide her son: the athlete often shares photos of Theodore on her Instagram*.


Maria Sharapova with her son Maria Sharapova with her son/Instagram*

Maria Sharapova and Alexander Gilks, co-founder of Squared Circles venture fund and Paddle8 online auction, have been dating since 2018. In 2020, the couple announced their engagement.

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