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Marat Safin about his personal life: "I am ready to live without children, a girl or a wife"


The other day, the ex-first racket of the world, Marat Safin, gave another interview. This time, a 40-year-old tennis player talked live with journalist Maria Komandna: Safin told how he is self-isolating, remembered the dashing 90s and compared them with current times, talked about his personal life and desire to start a family, and also expressed his opinion about colleagues - Russian tennis players Maria Sharapova and Anna Kournikova.

About the desire to create a family

I take this calmly. I’m not chasing a family. I have comrades who say: "You are already 40 years old. It's time to start a family and children." And I understand that everyone has their own time for this. I am ready, in principle, to live without children, a girl or a wife. If a meet a person who will be an interesting partner to me, then yes. But I don’t want to do this for the sake of a tick.

About attitude to Anna Kournikova

We have known each other since the age of seven, and together we began to practice at Spartak. I regard her as a relative, therefore I do not perceive her as a woman. That is, I perceive, but in a different way.

In childhood, Anyuta was punchy, the first in everything: she had to win all, to be the best of the best. She was number one. Therefore, she was good at playing tennis.

Then she went to America, she succeeded. She knew how to position herself, communicate with the public, with the press, spoke good English, correctly presented herself. She used it, but it was natural. There are people who are trying, puffing, and she was in her element.

Then, I think, public opinion began to put pressure on her: she plays well, but cannot win anything. She, in my opinion, did not win a single tournament. Over time, this began to put pressure on her, she was increasingly engaged in self-discipline. Tennis became a burden for her: at the end of her career, she cried after matches, tantrums, everything was bad.

Having finished, she began to live a real life, she has an excellent relationship with Iglesias, she does not need to shine, to show herself. She switched to another life, well done.

I think Anyuta was better than me - I never dreamed of how she earned on advertising money.

Anna Kournikova and Marat Safin

About Maria Sharapova and the “chemistry” between them.

When you start a tennis career, you are young, you are not afraid of anything, there is nothing to fear. As your career progresses, you are more versed in sports. The more you understand, the more you begin to doubt, because you understand that it is unrealistic to do some things.

She was always at the top, and when she was injured, one hundred percent the first thought was: “I want to return, become the first,” or the second, whatever. Thus, she begins to push herself into the framework, there is more and more fear: will I return or not, will I be able or not, will it succeed or not? The brain begins to shake you from the inside, uncertainty appears. The more such moments, the more you drive, until you completely forget how to play tennis - which, in principle, happened to her.

She played worse and worse, and at some point she herself stuck. It seems to me if she said: “Okay, there was an injury, I’ll just play for myself and enjoy tennis”, then perhaps she would succeed. But she came back because she wanted to be the first. I also had this.

There has never been chemistry between me and Manyunya. I know her since she and her father came to Australia for a junior tournament. What year is it, 86th or 87th? Like my sister (Dinara Safina - the sister of Marat. - Approx. Ed.). I remember her when she was 16 years old, so she always perceived.

Marat Safin and Maria Sharapova

About money

I was lucky that money appeared early - at the age of 20. I went crazy and did not understand what to do with them. And when life moves, eyes open. You understand that money is not the most important thing. No, money, of course, should be enough to feel comfortable. We just spend most of it on crap. Well, who can afford it. The tower specifically demolishes some. But this is not good.

On the lesson on self-isolation

There is time to read, meditate, watch TV shows. I hadn’t watched the series before, I signed up for Netflix. "Billions," I think everyone watched. Now I'm watching "Paper House". Then I want to see about Gomorrah, they made a series based on the film. When the director dumped everything in the film, the mafia chased him around the world. As everything calmed down, he decided to shoot the series.

"World of the Wild West" - as the "Matrix". Someone looks at her like another action movie, while others look inland. When you understand the essence, large doors open in front of you. And in “World” too - only at the end of the season you understand what the essence is. This is a deep message. Someone will see him, while others will not. I love high-quality movies, TV shows - something with meaning.

Do I go out? Recently I went to the bathhouse. Private bath with a friend, I can afford. First I ran on Patrick, then I discovered a fitness club: push-ups, abs, back. If you do not pump the press, our high back starts to hurt. I eat buckwheat, salads, turkey breast, chicken breast. I'm used to such food. And when he played, he ate much worse. Then he began to pay attention - what fits, what doesn't. Govnetso removed. I don’t go to Mack, I don’t drink Coke, I don’t eat burgers, pizzas, pastas, I try not to eat flour.

Kaif - to be alone with yourself. Nothing distracts, do it yourself. For 10 years I’m not tired of myself. Each time, everything is more interesting and interesting. You begin to discover new things.

About the dashing 90s and calm 00s

It must be understood that in the 90s there was no freedom, there was anarchy. Freedom and anarchy are a bit different. We just had anarchy, I don’t know where you saw freedom. Freedom of expression? But what, nobody could express themselves: if you go to another area, they will beat your head off. And if you still say that you are gay ... Do you understand what will happen to you? They just quarter you. Now everything is much calmer. Previously, they planted it. In the Soviet Union imprisoned for parasitism.

Freedom looks different at different times, and anarchy should not be confused with freedom. In the 2000s, everything calmed down, because all who could earn money earned money. It was an impulse of well-being: grandmothers began to appear, an opportunity appeared to earn money, pearl oil, everything was fine, and on this wave the impulse was so right. Vladimir Vladimirovich came, and on this wave somehow went - the wave was caught.

When oil began to sag, some problems started to come out - things that we had not noticed before. And now everything is fading, those things that used to be under water, and now just ended up on land, begin to surface. You start to notice so many problems. But there are pros and cons, it is a balance. 

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