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“Many people thought that I didn’t take care of myself”: Jared Leto on changes in appearance


There are several actors in Hollywood who constantly surprise fans with their physical transformations. They refuse "fat" suits, overlays, wigs and CGI, preferring to show the most believable picture. They lose weight, gain weight, shave their heads, change their gait and posture, even begin to gesticulate in a different way. One such actor is undoubtedly the Oscar-winning Jared Leto. And recently he told how others around him reacted to his transformations.


“Once I gained 27 kilograms for a role, and it was incredible. I remember one time in New York I asked someone for the time and that person backed away from me, ” Jared recalled. - Many did not know that at that time I was filming, so they thought ... that I did not take care of myself. They took it as a sign that something was wrong in my personal life. It was a really wild experience . "

One of Leto's recent transformations is his role in the series It Didn't Work. He plays the founder of the WeWork co-shop network and former billionaire Adam Neumann, known for his eccentric behavior. In particular, the entrepreneur was often seen walking barefoot.

“If you have ever lived in New York, you know that there is one thing that you definitely don’t need to do - walk these streets barefoot ,” Jared said and joked that after shooting one of these scenes, he was paid extra for performing tricks.

The 50-year-old handsome man also admitted that he always feels sad when saying goodbye to the characters. “Even on a physical level. The way you move, laugh, talk, your accent. All this can become a habit, ” Leto shared. " You can't just say, 'Hey, I just threw out the last six months of my life.' It takes a little time .


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