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Long legs and an easy life? Top model Ginta Lapina about stereotypes, bright shows and secrets of harmony


When a modeling agent spotted Ginta Lapina on a trolley bus, he could not have imagined that this teenage girl would eventually become a world-class model. Today she graces the covers of glossy magazines, participates in shows of famous brands, and recently became a co-founder of a modeling agency in Latvia. 

Ginta told about current projects, stereotypes and what is important to remember for girls dreaming of a career as a model .

- Recently, information appeared in the media that you, together with Karlina Caune, founded your own modeling agency.

Yes that's right. Karlina and I opened an agency "АSE models", we also have Vita Plume, she is our partner and agent in Latvia. Together we are a strong team and we work very well. We have an office in Latvia, but we work in different countries of the world, since Karlina and I continue our activities as models.


Long legs and an easy life? Top model Ginta Lapina about stereotypes, bright shows and secrets of harmony Photo: Private archive

Our main task is to look for girls in Latvia - to prepare them and send them further to foreign agencies. There is a lot of work, but we ourselves are interested in getting to know this industry from the other side. This, in my opinion, is unique, because we can give girls a lot - both as models and as agents. I've been in this industry for 15 years and know a lot. We want to give the girls the best - to help, advise how to take care of themselves, what is important and what to pay special attention to.

- What projects, besides the agency, are the most relevant for you now?

I continue to work as a model. I'm getting ready for the "Unikely models camp 2019" event, which will be held at the end of July - for the third time in a row. And for a year I have been working hard to create my own cosmetics. So far, everything is only in the process of creation, but I hope that at the beginning of next year everything will be ready and in the fall I can tell you more about it. There is a lot of work, but it is very diverse and interesting.

- What country and city can you call your home?

Definitely Latvia and the USA. Now I have moved to a permanent place of residence in Los Angeles, but New York will always be close and sweet to me. I lived there for 10 years, my career began in this city, but Latvia will always be my home.

- Do you miss Latvia? If so, what do you miss the most - things, people, places?

Of course I miss it. It has always been that way. But I try to visit Latvia as often as possible, especially in summer and on holidays. I miss my family and friends, silence, nature and the sea more. When I left Latvia at the beginning of my career, everything seemed new and interesting, but over time I miss it more and more.

- There is an opinion that models live carefree and luxurious. But what is the truth?

It seems to me that there are many stereotypes about models that do not correspond to reality. You can live carefree when you create such a life for yourself. But first you have to work hard.

Naturally, various celebrities appear at many events in which models participate, but this does not mean that our life is carefree. To achieve anything, the model must have a solid character, work hard and hard. Not everyone can withstand this stress.

I went through this, and looking back, I understand how much time, work and energy must be invested in order to achieve something.

- The work of the model is directly related to external data. But does this only matter? Does the model's ability to, for example, express an opinion matter?

Unfortunately or fortunately, but this is the specifics of the work - the appearance is evaluated. But this does not mean that only beauties are taken as models. A girl should have her own "berry", as well as height (high growth - ed.).

However, it is not enough to have only a beautiful appearance, you need something much more. Character is no less important, because who wants to work with a girl with whom it is difficult to cooperate and communicate. I don't mean here the language barrier, but the ability to be sociable.

The model, of course, cannot be shy and taciturn, since ultimately not only the appearance, but also the character is evaluated. Especially in our time, girls must have character.

They often look at what the model does in her free time - interests, charity, etc.


Long legs and an easy life? Top model Ginta Lapina about stereotypes, bright shows and secrets of harmony Photo: Private archive

- How do you spend your free time, what are your hobbies?

I really enjoy traveling. There are so many places to see. One of my favorite places is Mexico, where I always want to return again and again. I also do a lot of sports, willingly spend time with relatives and loved ones.

- Now more and more "plus size" models appear and at the same time their healthier appearance is emphasized. Have you encountered these trends in your practice?

Yes of course. I have long been working with the lingerie company "La Senza" and for a very long time was their only model, and now there are four of us and we are very different - both in appearance and in skin color, which is great, because not every woman can choose her clothes advertised by a thin girl. We are in the end very different, and when I buy clothes, I look at models that are similar to me in size and light hair color.

Plus size girls can be guided by advertised models of their size, as advertising is now not only skinny girls. In my opinion, this is a very positive trend, but before, it seems to me, there was a lot of shaming (body shaming) about its large size, not by the standard. " Instagram ", I think, strongly influences everything, but that's another story.

- How do you keep yourself in shape?

I try to eat right. This is not difficult for me, as I love healthy food. I'm not a fan of "junk food", but sometimes I'm tempted by sweets.

I also do a lot of sports, which helps to streamline and dispel my head. Usually I train with a trainer, do yoga or "HIIT". I also like cardio training. It also helps that I drink a lot of water. I never drink cola, phantom, etc., always only water, and green tea in the morning. I believe that everything should be balanced - if you want chocolate, eat it, but don't do it tomorrow, but go to a workout or choose a healthier meal.

- Which fashion show did you especially remember?

Surely this is the Versace show, where I ended the show as a model. This is a great honor.

Also, of course, all the "Louis Vuitton" fashion shows, because a lot of work has been invested there and this is always an original show, takes place in Paris, in the courtyard of the Louvre Museum.

And, of course, do not forget the show, at the opening of which the curtain fell, and we, the girls, sat on the carousel, from which we got up one by one and walked along the podium. The emotions were indescribable. Walking the catwalk is a big dose of adrenaline.


Long legs and an easy life? Top model Ginta Lapina about stereotypes, bright shows and secrets of harmony Photo: Private archive

- What feelings did you experience walking the catwalk for the first time? Does the experience gained over the years give confidence, reduce stress?

Each time is special in its own way. Over time, experience and confidence appear, yes, and they help to go boldly, but the excitement does not diminish. These feelings, in general, are difficult to describe, there is nothing to even compare. You realize how much work was put in before the event, and when the show is on, you are given the honor of showing the outfit to the world. It's indescribable.

- What advice would you give to girls who are thinking about a career as a model?

I would advise young girls to find a good agency that will help and guide them in their careers, as well as assess whether the girl has potential. This is the beginning.

I also want to mention that a modeling agency and a modeling school are two different things. I am often asked about this. A modeling agency is an agency that helps girls find agencies in other countries and strategically plans their careers in the fashion industry, and of course also helps and educates girls. A modeling school is a different kind of business. They do not guarantee that you will become a model, it is just training - gait, posture, etc.

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