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Lindsay Lohan first spoke about the preparations for the wedding


The actress surprised fans with her plans.

American actress Lindsay Lohan will soon become a married lady. And on the eve of this event, the actress decided to share her plans for the upcoming marriage with her fiancé Bader Shammas. As Lohan's fans learned to their surprise, she decided to settle for a rather modest version of the wedding. Everyone thought that Lindsey would arrange a grand Hollywood celebration.

The plans of the actress became known after the 35-year-old Lindsey visited the other day the TV show "Good Morning America" ​​as a guest.

"I want this event to be chamber and intimate, when only the family is nearby and everything around would be truly beautiful," Lohan said. According to her, the actress is not going to be a "bridezilla", as the Americans call an overly nervous and demanding bride. Lindsey absolutely does not want to be like one of these beauties. After all, sometimes such brides in their claims reach the point of complete absurdity. For example, there are cases when brides forced all the bridesmaids to dye their hair dark in order to be the only blonde at the wedding. Lindsey, as she claims, even on her birthday, first of all tries to create a comfortable environment for the guests, and then think about herself.

Recall that the star announced her engagement to Bader, who serves as assistant vice president of the international bank Credit Suisse, in November last year, after a two-year romance. As it turned out, Lohan and Shammas met in 2018 after the actress moved to Dubai. As for the engagement, on this occasion, Shemmas gave his beloved a ring with an impressive diamond, the cost of which is estimated by experts at 250 thousand dollars. Note that for Lindsey this will be the first marriage. True, she already had an engagement in the past. In 2016, she was engaged to Yegor Tarabasov, the son of a wealthy businessman, but that engagement was broken off due to Yegor's abuse of his fiancee.

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