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Lily-Rose Depp: "I get movie roles not because I'm the daughter of Johnny Depp"

The princess from the world of cinema and the daughter of Hollywood royalties Lily-Rose Depp became a special blue blood and on the screen - in the film "King". And she told us about the nature of fame, work with her father and imaginary lovers.


This 20-year-old girl with the face of an angel seems to be just a girl, a kind of student of a fashion college, who has all the questions with self-determination ahead. However, the daughter of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp was brought up in completely different "universities" - on fashion shows and film sets, and she chose her life path a long time ago. The first film role - at 14 years old, the first major contract - with Chanel - at 15, the first appearance on the cover of Vogue - two years later.

For a girl with such a surname and a list of contacts, the choice is logical, almost predetermined by the context itself. And yet, Lily-Rose during our interviews repeatedly emphasizes: she achieved everything in this industry herself, and considers each film to be a gift of fate. In David Michaud’s historical drama “The King” (in the Netflix online movie theater since November 1), she plays Princess Catherine, daughter of King Charles VI Mad, a person who is not afraid to express her opinion and fights against the falsity of courtiers. Depp herself is exactly the same: she speaks sincerely, bluntly, without embellishing reality. And at the beginning of the conversation he quietly warns: "You have to be very careful when writing articles, because words have great power."

"As a teenager, I felt very uncomfortable in my body. But the camera seemed to set me free."

- It seems that you know this firsthand, because from an early age you are in a public eye.

I never understood people who are interested in the life of celebrities and form their opinions about them, not knowing what is happening outside the red carpet. I felt it especially well when I played Catherine, who is also constantly in front of the courtiers.

- You generally have a talent for choosing iconic characters. In “King”, your heroine is the princess, who is responsible for the future of the two powers. And a couple of years ago you played the great Isadora Duncan ...

In the first film, I have a small but very important role. The action of the "King" takes place in harsh times, when women had no power, even over their own lives. However, my heroine was able to get respect from herself from others. Catherine calmly and confidently enjoyed privileges and forced people to listen to her opinion. She could be a wonderful example for modern women who are still often unheard of. As for the shootings in The Dancer, I was just happy to play Isadora Duncan - such an opportunity only happens once..

- Have you always dreamed of being an actress?

No, at first I wanted to become a singer, like my mother. And in the movie I was not at all because of my father, as you might think. It’s just that once I was offered to play a small role (a speech about Kevin Smith’s picture “Tusk.” - Ed.), And I agreed. I was then 14, I felt uncomfortable in my body and, like every teenager, felt self-conscious for any reason. But as soon as I faced the camera, all the awkwardness passed. Acting helped to feel free, made it possible to live the life of others. And I realized that I want to do this further.

David Michaud’s film “The King” became not only a career, but also a personal success for Lily-Rose - on the set of the picture she met the performer of the role of Henry V Timothée Hal Chalamet, and soon they began dating. The paparazzi have repeatedly managed to catch Lily Depp and Chalamet kissing, but at social events the couple is in no hurry to show their sympathies. Pictured below - Lily Rose (dress, Chanel) and Timothée at the Venice Film Festival

- How did your parents react to your decision?

They early taught me to live my own life and be responsible for my decisions myself.

- Tell me about your childhood.

I was the most ordinary child. Like my peers, I hung celebrity posters on the walls, tried on my mother’s heels, secretly put her lipstick on, dreamed of growing up quickly and idealizing men. There is something that I am embarrassed to admit even now: as a teenager I've always had many imaginary lovers. (Smiles.)

- Was it easy to grow up and develop in the movies with such a family?

People often have a misconception about celebrity children. I’ll explain right away: my arrival in the cinema is my own merit. That’s why I don’t like talking about parents in an interview. I landed the roles not just because I am the daughter of Johnny Depp. The daughter of the director of the film, Kevin Smith, and my best friend Harley invited me to shoot in The Tusk. Then Kevin shot "Yoga Hosers", and Harley invited me there too. But everyone, of course, remembered this picture only because there I first appeared on the screen with my parents. In the "Dancer" I got thanks to another my friend, singer Soko. And in the film "Planetarium" I became the protégé of Natalie Portman. She showed my photo to director Rebecca Zlotowski. We spent all day together, talking on a variety of topics. In France, this is often the way casting takes place: people just get to know and talk, and do not plan meetings through numerous intermediaries. Interestingly, when Rebecca invited me to the set, not one of my serious films came out yet. "Dancer" was released much later.

Since childhood, Lily-Rose Depp attended filming and fashion shows, and became a full-fledged participant in these sites closer to 15 years. Today, in her filmography, you can find the films of Kevin Smith and Louis Garrell, and the Chanel fashion house calls Lily Rose her muse: in 2016, she became the face of Chanel No. 5 L`Eau fragrance

- Still, everyone is interested in what you remember shooting with your father?

It was very cool to see him in a working environment, and not at home, where he is just dad. He stayed on the set for only a week, and I was surprised to see how confidently he performed his role and with what enthusiasm he shared with the director ideas about the film. Of course, when I was a child, my parents also took me to the shooting, but at that moment I was not very interested in this profession and remembered little. The only thing that struck my memory was costume changes and makeup. This is a real movie transformation.

- At one time, you yourself quit acting studies in Paris and moved to Los Angeles. Why?

I do not think that this can be learned at school. To personify a character in front of the camera, you need instinct, not textbooks. The most important thing in the profession of an actress is freedom, the ability to let loose. It’s also a big job - to seem carefree and look natural in front of the camera.

- You freely express emotions not only in the movies: you wrote a very moving message on Instagram when Karl Lagerfeld passed away. What do you remember most of all from him?

I met Karl when I was eight years old, which means I knew him more than half of my life. This man reminded me of a wizard, because any, even the most, at first glance, inconspicuous woman could turn into a goddess. In his presence, I always felt comfortable. It seemed that he understands you better than anyone in the world.

- It was Karl who once called you the muse of Chanel House, and after that you began to attend shows. Have you ever been fond of fashion?

Rather, this: fashion has always played an important role in the life of my mother, and since I adore my mother, then ... (Smiles.) We still have photos at home where I try on her heels and bags.

- Do you think young children understand trends?

Fashion does not depend on age. The most important thing in it is experiment, risk and adventure. And this is loved by both adults and children.

Share your experiments.

They are more from the field of makeup. I like to use blush instead of shadows, to replace one means with another. And I also love the expressive look, so I always emphasize the eyes.

- Can you describe yourself in a few words?

It will be quite difficult, because I am all composed of contradictions. On the one hand, I consider myself a rational person, on the other hand, I am easily susceptible to emotions. Something like this.

Vanessa Paradis and Lily-Rose Depp at the Chanel show, Paris, May 2019

- What do you value in a potential partner?

I like men who show their feelings. Even if it will be anger or resentment. But it will be easier for me to understand who I'm dealing with. I appreciate sincere people who can talk about what they think.

- What is love for you?

Love is a destiny that unites people. True love is possible only when people feel free, independent of each other. If there is a connection between a man and a woman, they will be together. And if not, nothing will help them.

Lily Rose's parents - Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp - separated in 2012, when she was 13 years old. In the photo - a couple at the Golden Globe Award ceremony, Los Angeles, 2004

- Where did you get such judgment in 20 years?

At the sight of cameras you have to quickly grow up. However, I am not always so sensible and self-confident - often I just pretend to be. Being the daughter of celebrities, you quickly learn this.

- How do you feel about the increased interest in your person?

I try not to pay attention to it and live my life, which is not difficult, because most of the time I like to stay at home. (Laughs)

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