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"Like models from the catwalk": Sylvester Stallone showed off a photo with his wife and daughters and amazed fans with their beauty


The picture was taken in honor of an important holiday for the family: the youngest daughter of the movie star Scarlet graduated from high school.

The famous American actor and director Sylvester Stallone posted on his Instagram a family photo, which was taken on the occasion of an important event. In the picture, the artist is captured in the company of his wife Jennifer Flavin and three daughters: Sophia, Sistin and Scarlet


Photo © Instagram / officialslystallone Photo © Instagram / officialslystallone

The photo was taken after Stallone's youngest daughter, 19-year-old Scarlet, graduated from high school. In the caption to the picture, the actor congratulated his heiress on this significant event in her life. At the same time, the fans of the star were delighted with the Rambo family. Social network users noted that Stallone's daughters have become incredible beauties, and their mother looks like the fourth sister of the girls.

"Lovely girls!" - wrote one of the fans.

 "Looks like runway models!" - stressed another user.

Followers also joined in congratulating Stallone and wishing Scarlet every success in life. However, some of them jokingly noted that the actor does not know how to upload photos to the social network, since the pictures turned out to be of poor quality. They were joined by the artist's middle daughter, 22-year-old Sistin.

"Why do we look like cartoon characters?" - the girl commented on the publication in her father's account.

But Stallone fans assured her that even in such a photo, the girls look just amazing.

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