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Leonardo DiCaprio spends time with sister Kate Moss, whom he briefly dated 30 years ago


Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted at a party at the London nightclub Chiltern Firehouse in the company of Lottie Moss, the younger sister of supermodel Kate Moss. This was reported by the publicationDaily Mail with reference to its insiders.

According to them, 49-year-old DiCaprio and 25-year-old Lottie arrived at the club a few minutes apart and spent time together. "Leonardo and Lottie were in the same room and were clearly interested in each other. They chatted and giggled until dawn and the party ended. They left the club early in the morning having had a great time,” the insider said. "The evening got people talking, they're both celebrities who love to have a good time," the source added.

An insider from The Sun also commented on their relationship. "Leo and Lottie were having a great time and seemed very close. They arrived separately, but only a few minutes apart, and sat at a table with other friends. Their closeness raised eyebrows - and people at the club were talking about Kate and the fact that Lottie was the right age for Leo." Let us remember that DiCaprio is known for his romances with young girls no older than 25 years old - so much so that it even became a meme on the Internet.

Interestingly, 30 years ago, DiCaprio briefly dated Lottie's older sister Kate Moss: in December 1993, they had a short affair, shortly before Kate began dating Johnny Depp.

DiCaprio himself has recently been often seen in the company of model Vittoria Ceretti, and before that he was suspected of romancewith longtime friend Gigi Hadid. Lottie Moss is also trying to make a modeling career, and also worksmodelon the OnlyFans platform.

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