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Left two children to support Johnny: details of Depp's new affair


The Pirates of the Caribbean star has been dating his lawyer for longer than fans thought. Joelle Rich has been by Johnny Depp's side since the early days of the Virginia trial. Journalists revealed the details of Johnny Depp's current romance - with his former lawyer Joelle Rich.

Recall that she represented the interests of the actor in his lost trial in the UK. In the American process, which ended in victory last summer, the movie star was represented by lawyer Camilla Vazquez, who was strongly rumored to have had an affair with a Hollywood handsome man.


So it turns out that when Johnny sued his ex-wife Amber Heard in April-June, he was already dating Joelle. Their relationship began much earlier than September, when they became known. Rich did not participate in the trial in Virginia, but she came there to support Depp anyway - out of personal sympathy. And she even left her husband, whom she is divorcing, and two children in the UK.

Sources told TMZ about this, noting that Johnny and Joelle are not a strong couple. The 59-year-old actor does not even think about settling down now, limiting himself to one woman. Rich allegedly wants them to have a real relationship, not a temporary fling, but Depp is not yet ready to be tied to one lover. It is possible that he went on a spree after winning the trial of his ex-wife and returning to the film industry .

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