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Lana Del Rey: What happened to her and why The fans do not recognize the singer after the weight gain


A photo of plump singer Lana Del Rey in a short top and ponytails provoked controversy in social networks. Some commentators decided that at the age of 37, the artist dresses like a teenager and it’s time for her to look more “adult”. Others supported the performer of the Summertime Sadness track and reminded her that she has the right to wear what she likes.

Photos of American singer Lana Del Rey leaving the Malibu Chili Cook-Off restaurant in Malibu, California have gone viral on social media. The artist opted for a relaxed look for the visit, wearing wide leg blue jeans, a cropped flannel shirt and a cropped polo top. Lana also put her hair in two braids with bright elastic bands.



Lana Del Rey spotted in Malibu, California. Most commentators drew attention to the singer's bow - in recent years, Lana Del Rey has gained weight and changed her style of clothing.  It seems that some fans miss the old image of Lana, when she was slimmer and dressed in retro dresses a la the 50s of the last century.


We'll have to make her dress more feminine and not like a redneck. I'll have to seriously talk to her about how she used to be sexier. Commentators wrote that Lana was spoiled by things allegedly ordered from the Shein online market, and her bow resembled a teenage girl's attempts to look fashionable. Read on Medialeaks Zendaya came to Beyoncé's birthday dressed as a blonde. The actress reminded Irina Allegrova it's not erica Lana is not spoiled by the gained weight. She looks bad because she wears Shein. Steven Sandusky Lana Del Rey looks like my sister who tried to be a VSCO girl in high school. She looks like a millennial trying to dress like a zoomer.

But there were more defenders of Lana Del Rey in the comments than critics. Fans recalled that the singer has the right to dress the way she wants, and crop tops have long been part of her wardrobe. Also in the comments suggested that could affect the figure of the artist. Some social media users think that the singer quit smoking and got better because of this, others sin on the consequences of a possible intake of antidepressants.

And Lana, meanwhile, spends time with singer Jack Donoghue.

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