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Kylie Minogue denies engagement rumors to Paul Solomons


As soon as we had time to rejoice for Kylie, she denied rumors about an imminent wedding. Let's tell the details. The main news last week was the engagement of 52-year-old Kylie Minogue and her 46-year-old lover Paul Solomons, art director of British GQ. Paul's stepmother told reporters that the lovers decided to get married. It looks like she got something mixed up - on her Twitter account, Kylie denied rumors about an imminent wedding.


“Rumors are getting out of hand. Paul and I love each other, but we are not engaged, ”the singer wrote.

Recall that Kylie and Paul have been dating for about two years. For the first time, their romance became known in the spring of 2018. They met through mutual friends, and it took Kylie a while to accept Paul's invitation and go on a date with him. The fact is that shortly before their meeting, the singer experienced a painful breakup with 33-year-old actor Joshua Sass. Kylie was going to marry him, but broke off the engagement when she found out that the young fiancé was cheating on her with his partner on the series.


Kylie Minogue and Joshua Sass

“My heart was broken,” Kylie admitted. - I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown and went to Thailand with my friends to recuperate. A week later, I felt absolutely calm and realized that I was ready to move on.

"In the same interview, the singer says that marriage is not included in her plans: “I am not one of those women who dream of getting married. I only agreed to get married because it was customary. Now that everything is over and I have already recovered, I know for sure that I will not marry. "

Minogue thinks the same about motherhood:

“Children are not for me,” Kylie admitted. - I have asked myself many times whether I want to become a mother, but now I realized that I do not want this. I would be interested to know how you feel when you look your child in the eyes, but, apparently, I have a different fate. "


Anyway, we are glad that Kylie found her happiness with Paul. Previously, he was romantically linked with Lana Del Rey, Bella Hadid and Cara Delevingne. We hope he and Kylie succeed!


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