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Kylie Minogue and her boyfriend are going to get married


The creative director of the British magazine GQ Paul Solomons became the singer's chosen one

Kylie will marry for the first time at 52. Photo: GLOBAL LOOK PRESS

Pop star Kylie Minogue is preparing for the wedding: the singer will marry for the first time at 52. The artist's previous relationship did not lead her to the altar. But this time everything is serious: the current chosen one of the singer proposed to her.

Kylie has been dating the creative director of British GQ magazine Paul Solomons since 2018. He is six years younger than the star, but this age difference does not interfere with their relationship at all. Rumors about the engagement of the couple appeared just the other day. And now the news of the upcoming wedding have been confirmed by Solomons' stepmother. The woman refuses to share any details, citing the fact that Paul and Kylie asked her to keep everything secret. Kylie has been dating the creative director of British GQ magazine Paul Solomons since 2018.



Kylie has more than once had affairs with handsome men much younger than her. In 2017, the pop diva broke off her engagement with actor Joshua Sasse after learning of his betrayal. Joshua, 33, became infatuated with his attractive co-star on the TV series "There Will Be No Tomorrow." Kylie then threw a terrible scandal to the groom and chased him out of her mansion. The singer returned the ring to the ex-groom, which he gave her for the engagement. The love affair between the Australian star and the British actor flared up in September 2015 during a joint filming of the TV series Galavant. And in February 2016, it became known about the engagement of the lovers. Kylie always said in interviews that the 19-year age difference does not bother her and her fiance, and that she is very happy. The singer was even going to take her husband's surname after the wedding, as she believed that Sasse sounded much better than Minogue.

Before Sasse, Minogue met with the Spanish model Andres Velencoso, who was ten years younger than the singer. Minogue spent five years with him. The model, by the way, also constantly repeated in interviews that he wants to marry Kylie, but the matter did not go beyond words. Those around him noted that he treated the artist more as a friend than as a bride. At one time, the couple met at one of the photo shoots, and Valencoso fell in love with Minogue at first sight.


Paul is six years younger than the star. Photo: GLOBAL LOOK PRESS

Before Velencoso, the singer dated the French actor Olivier Martinez, with whom she was also going to get married. But the plans were ruined by the cancer found in the singer. Olivier stayed with the artist for all two years while she underwent rehabilitation, but then the couple still broke up. Martinez later married actress Halle Berry..


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