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Kylie Jenner said that she had almost no plastic surgery


The model convinces fans that it was not the work of the surgeon that helped improve her appearance, but simply her self-confidence ?

The appearance of Kylie Jenner is legendary. Of course, it is impossible not to admire her, but even the most devoted fans of the girl are well aware that she (at least) went under the knife of a plastic surgeon several times. But Kylie herself denies all this. And once again I decided to talk about it during an interview with Homme Girls ?


All her own: Kylie Jenner said that she had almost no plastic surgery 

Kylie Jenner assures that she did not have operations as often as they write about it on the Web. The model said that she had to improve her lips a little, but otherwise ... She is the same. Yes, Kylie, we all really want to believe in this, but it’s hard to do ? Moreover, the model said that she was always beautiful, so she doesn’t see any changes in her appearance at all (so we believed). Kylie Jenner

I think that the big misconception is that I have had a lot of operations on my face. In fact, I was not an insecure person, as many fans write. I love full lips and always wanted them, but as a child I was the most confident child. Kylie Jenner

Kylie noted that she was horrified when she read on the news that she went under the surgeon's knife many times. But only now we find it hard to believe that the shape of the nose, chin, chest and everything else can be changed by the power of thought ?

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