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Konstantin Meladze divorced Vera Brezhneva and started an affair with a young singer



The composer is romantically linked with former member of the VIA Gra group Sofia Tarasova. Composer Konstantin Meladze divorced singer Vera Brezhneva and started an affair with former member of the VIA Gra group Sofia Tarasova.


According to rumors, Tarasova has become Meladze’s new muse. This is allegedly confirmed by the fact that he wrote a Russian-language track for the performer, called “Why Me?” Meanwhile, the composer has not created compositions for Brezhnev for a long time.

Whether this is true or not is difficult to determine. Neither Brezhneva nor Meladze comment on their current relationship. Tarasova also does not say anything about the alleged affair with the composer.

By the way, Brezhneva herself commented on the new work of Konstantin Meladze with a former member of the VIA Gra group. Note that rumors about Vera Brezhneva’s divorce from Konstantin Meladze appeared back in 2022. It was argued that the reason for the breakdown in relations was different views on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Brezhneva immediately broke all ties with Russia and began volunteering, but Meladze chose a silent position. In particular, for more than a year and a half of a full-scale war, the composer did not make a single statement.


Vera Brezhneva and Konstantin Meladze / Photo:

The couple does not comment on rumors of their divorce. True, Vera fuels the gossip. The singer deleted all the photos with her husband from the photoblog and stopped publishing joint photos, as she did before. By the way, information recently appeared that Konstantin Meladze lost his residence permit. In addition, the producer allegedly has Ukrainian citizenship and he never changed it to Russian.

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