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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom set a wedding date



The singer and Hollywood actor decided not to wait for the end of the pandemic

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom decided to get married.

The show business star and Hollywood actor have repeatedly postponed the wedding due to the pandemic. But now they realized that it was pointless to wait for the weather by the sea - and decided to get married as soon as possible.

The singer and actor have been together for four years. In 2019, they announced their engagement, and in the summer of 2020 they were going to get married. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the wedding had to be postponed. Katy was planning a lavish celebration in early summer: she was going to arrange a holiday in Japan and invite friends and family. Now they are planning to get married again, but in a more modest, "cut-down" version. The celebration will take place in the coming months in Santa Barbara, California, where Katy and Orlando live. A family friend told about this to Star Magazine.

In August last year, Katy Perry became a mother: the 36-year-old singer gave birth to a daughter. The girl was named Daisy Dove. The couple reported the happy event on Instagram at UNICEF, of which they are both ambassadors. The newly minted parents posted a black and white snapshot of the tiny hand of newborn Daisy.

“We are literally in seventh heaven with happiness and are overwhelmed with love and admiration that we had a healthy daughter,” wrote Katy and Orlando.


For Katy, this is the first child, but Orlando is already raising Flynn's 10-year-old son with his first wife, supermodel Miranda Kerr. Katy and Orlando met in 2016 at the Golden Globe Awards. A year later, the couple officially announced their breakup. And in 2018, after a New Year's party in Japan, they got back together.

Katy is one of the most famous pop stars on the planet. In 2019, she earned $ 57.5 million and took the fourth place in the Forbes ranking of the highest paid female performers in the world, behind Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Rihanna. But this is not a record either - in 2015 she was on the first line of the Forbes rating with an income of $ 135 million.

The earnings of her fiance are much more modest, although at one time he received good fees for The Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean. Now the actor's career is far from booming. After a divorce from supermodel Miranda Kerr - the most beautiful "angel" of Vistoria's secret - Bloom was not seen in a serious relationship for a long time.

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