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Justin Portman JUSTIN PORTMAN See entire gallery

Career painter , collector , aristocrat

Date of Birth February 23, 1969 Fish Who was born on this day?

Age 54 years old

Place of Birth London, Great Britain

Height 182

Family status married


Justin Trevor Berkeley Portman - this, according to the secular code, is the full name of the British lord, artist and artist. However, being a descendant of an old English aristocratic dynasty, Portman became widely known thanks to the name of his ex-wife - Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova .

In the late 90s, the fairy tale story of Cinderella from Russia, who became the queen of the catwalk and met her prince named Justin, spread around the world. And 9 years after the divorce of the brilliant couple, the details of a far from fabulous family life became known.

Childhood and youth

Justin Portman was born on February 23, 1969 in London, according to the sign of the zodiac - Pisces. Father - Edward Henry Berkeley Portman, IX Viscount, English peer, head of the richest family in Great Britain.

Mother Penelope Ann Ellin is the second wife of an aristocrat. This marriage produced four sons: Pierre Richard, Justin Trevor, Alexander Michael and Matthew Gerald (killed in 1990). The artist also has a half-sister and brother from his father's first marriage: Claire Elizabeth and Christopher Edward, the current X Viscount, a billionaire.

Justin's childhood passed in the county of Herefordshire, in one of the clan's estates. Young Portman was educated in the best traditions of English aristocratic families.

He graduated from the prestigious school for boys Harrow School - the oldest institution in the UK, which annually produces the offspring of the English elite since the 13th century.

Absorbing versatile knowledge, Justin gave preference to the humanities, became interested in world culture and art. Curiosity, innate talent and a sense of taste helped him become one of the best students.

Creativity and social life

After leaving school, Portman studied art at the university, where his formation as an artist had already begun. After leaving the walls of the alma mater, the young man continued his career. He had successful exhibitions in London, which sold almost all the paintings.

Justin is also known as a passionate collector. His collection of antique art is one of the most valuable in the kingdom. In general, the representative of a noble family led a sybarite lifestyle, which was reduced to participation in social events, charity, and social activities. This was confirmed in an interview by his wife Natalia:

“Being from an aristocratic family, the husband could afford not to work. But he was a walking encyclopedia and an excellent conversationalist.

Personal life

Justin remained an enviable groom for a long time: attractive in appearance, stately (about 182 cm tall), with impeccable manners and a million dollar fortune. The personal life of a bachelor in his youth was the subject of secular discussions, they even talked about his unconventional orientation. Indeed, by the age of 30, the artist was not yet married, but he was a regular at all the bohemian parties of the Old World. On one of them, the aristocrat found love.

In 1999, the story of the acquaintance of the lord and the aspiring model from Russia began: Justin was among those invited to a fashion party at the Georges Pompidou Center in Paris, and 18-year-old Vodianova, who had been working under a contract in the world fashion capital for a year, was also there. The unusual appearance of the Russian beauty attracted the attention of a British aristocrat. Sitting down at her table to get acquainted, by the end of the evening the aristocrat was already head over heels in love with a charming interlocutor who spoke with a sweet accent.

“I was ready to run after Natasha like a labrador for a sugar bone,” Portman later recalled laughing.

The agonizing period of courtship began for Justin. He had to constantly be in the French capital. And, according to the lover, who lived in this city for 8 years, Paris is “the last city where he would like to live.” But communication with the beauty was worth the effort.

Natalia turned out to be a girl from another world: with a difficult fate and a difficult biography, not as frivolous as French women, not as coldly restrained as English women. Although the model very coolly accepted the advances of the British. It took 2 months before the girl gave him his first kiss.

Natalia also did not immediately accept Justin's marriage proposal, she thought about it. But then an opportunity presented itself - Christmas was approaching, and the lord invited Vodianova to the family nest. The titled parents favorably accepted the girl, and soon Portman came to Nizhny Novgorod to the model's mother to ask for blessings for marriage.

The couple celebrated their wedding in the UK in November 2001. And on September 1, 2002, a magnificent wedding ceremony took place in St. Petersburg, in the throne room of the Peterhof Palace. The bride shone in a dress from Tom Ford , and the guests were entertained by the dancers of the Mariinsky Theater.

The eldest son of a brilliant couple, Lucas Alexander Portman, was born on December 22, 2001. 5 years later, on March 24, 2006, the couple celebrated the birth of their daughter Neva, and on September 13, 2007, the youngest son of Natasha and Justin, Victor, was born, named after the Russian great-grandfather.

Happy photos of the couple in magazines and gossip columns over the years of marriage painted an idyllic picture of a star marriage. Therefore, the rumors about the British divorce with a supermodel in 2010 came as a surprise. In June 2011, Vodianova announced that she and Justin no longer lived together. The couple declined to comment.

Only in 2015 did Vodianova's ex-husband suddenly make an unexpected confession on his Facebook page. The man said that family relationships were not ideal. The artist did not share the lifestyle that his wife led - glamor, modeling, etc. Sometimes he thought that Natalya was ashamed of him.

“I was like an old Louis Vuitton bag to her,” Portman wrote.

Among the reasons for the divorce, the fact of Vodianova's betrayal is also mentioned. The man began to “solve” problems with the help of alcohol. So much so that soon ended up in a rehabilitation clinic. And when he came to his senses, the wife said that she did not want her husband to return to her life. At the same time, Justin wrote that life with Natalia was his greatest happiness.

The author quickly deleted the post, but the text had already spread over the Internet. And soon Vodianova herself commented on the situation. The model said that Portman was painfully experiencing a divorce, and admitted that she had fallen out of love with her husband. Indeed, in fact, they are completely different: she is an eternal workaholic, and he is an aristocrat who does not strive for anything. In addition, according to Natalia, Justin, with all his crazy love for children, is alien to caring for them and did not help with education.

And if Vodianova is happy in a new marriage with French businessman Antoine Arnault , then the first husband of the supermodel after the divorce also did not remain alone.

In 2016, the media wrote about his short-term romance with the Ukrainian model Anna Shut.

The next chosen one of the British lord was the actress Morgan Snyder. In June 2019, the couple legalized their relationship - at the age of 50, Justin married a second time. The ceremony was held in Herefordshire. And already on July 24, the newlyweds had a son, who was named Leo James Berkeley Portman.


Justin Portman now

Now the former spouses do not maintain friendly relations. Justin, after a divorce, lives in Uruguay - even during his marriage to Vodianova, he bought a fashionable estate in the city of Punta del Este, which is considered one of the best resorts in the world. Portman regularly sees the children - they have equal rights of custody with Natalia. Lucas, Neva and Victor fly to their father for holidays, birthdays and family celebrations, which is confirmed by the photo on Instagram of the British lord.

In May 2021, Justin posted on his Instagram page a photo of his pregnant wife with a baby bump, surrounded by ultrasound images of the unborn baby. According to the happy father, the couple is expecting a girl.

Interesting Facts

Justin did not inherit the peerage from his father, which went to the eldest son in the family, but received the right to add the word "venerable" to his name. 

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