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Johnny Depp will soon turn 60: 5 fun facts about the famous actor that he prefers not to share


One of the most extraordinary actors of modern cinema has come close to the 60th anniversary. In a few months, the eternally young and eccentric Johnny will celebrate his birthday. More recently, he fervently ran around the deck of a pirate ship, but now it turned out that he was already on the threshold of his sixties. During his long career, he has repeatedly turned out to be the main person involved in strange and sometimes funny stories. Now let's take a look at a few controversial facts from the biography of an excellent actor that he would prefer not to share. However, he himself blabbed.

1️⃣ Uneducated


The actor does not hide the fact that in his life he did not even receive a secondary education, not to mention a professional one. According to Johnny, the school is the most incomprehensible structure in modern society. She does not solve the tasks assigned to her and does not prepare children for real life. Teachers do not care about students, students in turn respond the same. However, despite the grandiloquent speeches, Johnny clarified that he was expelled from school because of his own stupidity. In his youth, Depp dreamed of becoming a cool rock musician, and therefore decided to imitate them in everything.


The first attempt was not crowned with success. It turned out that standing on a desk in the middle of a lesson and showing the teacher your naked loin was not exactly what his musical idols called for. After a high-profile expulsion, the future actor decided to devote himself to music and a wild lifestyle. Who knows what this would have led to if, a few years later, he had not accidentally ended up on the set of the film A Nightmare on Elm Street.

2️⃣ Tom Cruise made Johnny famous


After his debut in the cult horror film, Depp had several more roles, but filmmakers did not seriously consider him an actor. Nevertheless, Johnny regularly roamed the castings as if to work. One day, luck smiled at him. Some little-known director Tim Burton decided to shoot a gothic romantic drama called Edward Scissorhands. The then very popular young actor Tom Cruise was invited to star in the big-budget film. Frame from the film "Edward Scissorhands" Frame from the film "Edward Scissorhands" Cruz showed up for the auditions, but didn't even start them. The actor felt that the script was too sad and did not suit him. Burton, in turn, rested and categorically refused to change anything. Cruz left, slamming the door loudly. Studio bosses began to put pressure on the director to persuade the star and make changes. At the same time, the little-known Johnny Depp turned up at the auditions. There were other applicants on the set besides him, but Burton instantly approved Johnny for the lead role only because of one single thing ... Johnny cried when he read the script to the end. The studio was not happy, but they gave the go-ahead to Depp instead of Cruz.

3️⃣ “Cancellation” scandal


A few years ago, a serious scandal erupted during the divorce proceedings between Johnny and actress Amber Heard. He was repeatedly covered from all sides, accusing the actor of all mortal sins. Then Depp fought off the slander and even won the court against his ex. Nevertheless, the actor was ostracized and he suddenly became the most handshake in Hollywood. Many former colleagues now even spit in the direction of Johnny. At least this is how the biased media present information, promoting the “correct agenda”.


However, in fact, Johnny's career was not destroyed at all, and the cultural and social isolation of the actor did not happen. Johnny still received invitations to roles, produced his rock band, and also put his paintings up for auction. Pictures, by the way, were bought not only by collectors, but also by other members of the Hollywood party. In other words - yes, Johnny's business reputation was tarnished, but there was no tragedy that the extreme left-wing media was trumpeting about. The scandal was inflated only in order to convince the "fighters for all that is good and against all garbage" that they have real weight. For what? For their further use in persecution of objectionable.

4️⃣ Strange robbery


As mentioned above, Johnny is a big fan of being in a stupid situation. However, it is far from always the fault of his character and peculiar views on the world. Once Depp told a story, saying that this is the absolute truth and he does not invent anything. Here she is. One overcast evening, Depp hurried from the restaurant towards the bar in order to meet with an old acquaintance and treat himself to local wine. Nothing foreshadowed trouble, when suddenly, on a sparsely populated street, a weapon was pointed at him.

Depp did not immediately realize that a certain gentleman was determinedly trying to rob him. However, as soon as he recognized Johnny, he instantly changed his mind. In parting, the villain told the actor that "out of a sense of pirate solidarity, today he refuses to rob Captain Jack Sparrow."

How true this story is, and how exaggerated - only Johnny Depp knows. However, knowing his luck - anything is possible.

5️⃣ Always “in character”


Many famous actors are involved in charity work. Admittedly, it does look a bit tricky. Bohemians gather in expensive restaurants and concert halls, and then they praise each other all evening, spend huge amounts of money, and only at the end of the banquet transfer a certain amount of money to some fund.

What happens next with the translation is usually a mystery. Johnny rarely appeared at such parties. However, he does for charity many times more than the Hollywood crowd.

The actor has long made it a rule to visit terminally ill children in person. He often comes to hospitals dressed as Jack Sparrow. He also controls all his donations, doing without publicized funds. However, sometimes he dresses up in the image of Sparrow for another reason. For example, once he received a letter from a 9-year-old girl that they and the class wanted to protest against their teacher.

Depp, although he has a peculiar attitude towards the school, did not ignore the request. He came to the classroom with the whole team in full dress and asked the children to postpone the rebellion against the school until better times. They say a good pirate is a smart pirate.

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