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Johnny Depp started affair with a Russian 20-year-old dancer and is going to marry her


Johnny Depp / Polina Glen

Media declassified the new beloved of 55-year-old Johnny Depp. According to the Daily Mail, the actor spends all his free time with the Russian go-go dancer Polina Glen, who is about 20 years old. If you believe insiders, the relationship of the couple develops in the direction of marriage.

It is reported that Polina already lives in Depp's Mansion in Los Angeles. Johnny does not advertise his new affair, so he allegedly makes everyone who is in his house sign nondisclosure papers.

Johnny Depp

Polina Glen

 It is known that she was born in St. Petersburg, and two years ago she moved to the United States to continue her dance career. Polina met Depp at a party in Los Angeles.

“She didn’t know who he was when he came to meet,” an informant told the Daily Mail.

Together with the girl, the actor was seen a year ago in Moscow and Belgrade, but then her name was never found out.

Polina said that Johnny wants to marry her and is going to come to Russia to meet her parents, says an insider.

In 2011, Polina wrote in LiveJournal that she is engaged in dancing, but her mother does not welcome her passion. The girl participated in dance competitions, and in 2015 founded her dance school in St. Petersburg. According to the insider, Depp helps her, he likes that she is busy with her own business.

Polina is very cute, caring and talented ... She is not a money hunter. I think Johnny likes her not from the Los Angeles, she’s not looking for money, the insider added.

Polina is only a few years older than Johnny’s daughter, 19-year-old Lily-Rose Depp. The affair with the Russian dancer - the first serious relationship of the actor after a divorce from Amber Heard. 


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