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Johnny Depp started a new romance?

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The actor spent the evening after the concert in Stockholm in the company of the mysterious brunette.

It seems that the stress and depression Johnny Depp has developed since the scandal regarding his divorce with Amber Heard, began to recede. The Court has already officially announced that the actor is not being charged with domestic violence against his wife, and the star's lawyers are seeking an annulment of marriage. The last few days Depp was on the other side of the Atlantic - in Sweden, where he performed with his group The Hollywood Vampires at a music festival in Stockholm.

After the concert, the actor returned to the room at the Grand hotel in the heart of Stockholm, in which he spent most of the time before the show, but in the middle of the night went to the bar at the hotel, accompanied by a mysterious brunette, and two friends. The company spent about an hour together, during which Depp smiled, carried on a lively conversation and didn’t seem depressed. On the morning the legendary Jack Sparrow, who used to avoid receiving the attention of the crowd, walked into the arms of his adoring fans, talked with them, gladly signed autographs and posed for photos.

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Recall that the scandal surrounding the sudden announcement of the separation between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard broke out last week, his wife filed for divorce, accusing Depp of alcoholism and domestic abuse. As it turned out the Court noted the absence of objective evidence pointing to the domestic violence, no charges were ever filed, therefore, Depp is prohibited from approaching his wife closer than 90 meters. Heard made an application for the division of property: she wants to get family mansion, the car and the right to receive support from her spouse. Depp can be ordered by a court to pay maintenance for Amber Heard.

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