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Johnny Depp opens up about Amber Heard, bankruptcy and the Hollywood conspiracy

Two years after the scandalous breakup with Heard, Depp continues to deny that he ever abused her. The events of May 2016 (Amber said that it was then that he beat her) he describes it like this: “The next day she was at a party. Her eyes were covered with hair, but you would have noticed if they did not close. I stood five meters away from her, how could I hit her before that? I can sometimes look silly, but I'm not a fool. ” Johnny stressed that the police also could not find traces of violence on her body, and only a couple of days later she suddenly had a bruise.

Depp admitted that he had used violence several times in his life - for example, against paparazzi who were persecuting pregnant Vanessa Paradis. But he never offended a loved one: "It absolutely does not look like me."

When asked whether he wants to find love again, Johnny answers unequivocally: “No!”


Johnny regrets that he couldn’t protect his children from this unpleasant situation: “I think my 14-year-old boy had a hard time going to the school. Do you understand what I mean? People say, "Hey, look at this magazine, boy. Does your father beat girls?" Why did he have to go through this? Why did my daughter have to go through this? ”

After thinking hard about what was going on in his life, Johnny decided that all the troubles that were plaguing him (both financial and personal) were the result of a conspiracy:“ Does something stop these people from Hollywood who want to remove me? Big money has been spent. I am being sued whenever possible. This is obvious. ”

With regard to financial problems, the actor admits that he was never particularly attentive to this issue, entrusting all to his managers. But he was making good money, and bankruptcy came as a surprise for Depp: “I find it difficult to talk about money, but I just finished filming in the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean, when a business manager called me and said:“ You have to sell a house in France! ". I am even embarrassed to say, but my fee for the fifth Pirates was $ 45 million. After this movie, I went to my honeymoon and got a call from this guy. I thought, “What? I do not understand how this could have happened? ”


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