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Jamie Lee Curtis came out with a transgender daughter and spoke out against transphobia


Recently, the premiere of the film "Halloween Ends" took place in Hollywood, which the main star of the film, Jamie Lee Curtis, attended with her adopted children - daughter Annie and transgender daughter Ruby.


Jamie Lee Curtis with daughters Ruby and Annie

The actress does not often appear in public surrounded by family, but the very next day, husband Christopher Guest and both daughters again accompanied her to an event where Jamie was honored for her services to the cinema. Like many other stars before her, she left her hand and footprints in cement on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in front of the TLC Chinese Theatre.


Jamie Lee Curtis with husband and daughters Jamie Lee Curtis with husband and daughters

Note that Jamie has a very good relationship with both daughters. The actress spoke about Ruby's transgender transition last year to AARP The Magazine, emphasizing that she is proud of her child.

The other day, in an interview with the Spanish edition of Cadena SER, the 63-year-old actress admitted that she was very afraid for Ruby, who was faced with public condemnation and even hatred. It's part of that fear in real life that helps Jamie handle horror roles so well.

"I know what real threats are. People threaten the life of my transgender daughter. Many want to wipe her off the face of the earth so that people like her simply do not exist".

The star once again spoke out against transphobia.

As if we have learned nothing from the history of fascism. As if we do not understand what such things can lead to. The extermination of living people is terrifying. Jamie previously told reporters that Ruby's story helped her understand that gender is "not fixed" and that life is a "constant metamorphosis."



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