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James Mcavoy gained muscle mass for the new movie and looks as if ready for the tournament on mma

Paparazzi caught Scottish actor James McAvoy on the set and on the street near the house. The once thin and not too muscular actor shaped up for the M. Night Shyamalan's movie "Glass" and now looks like his specialty - to punch in the face. New look of McAvoy is even a little scary.

Photos of James McAvoy, who appeared on the streets of Philadelphia, not far from the place, where the shooting of the new thriller "Glass" took place, were published by The Sun tabloid. In the pictures actor is seen with noticeably more weight, and not because of the fat: he seriously shaped up. 

In the story of  "Glass", a new project of M. Night Shyamalan ( "The Sixth Sense," "Signs," "Phenomenon"), the hero of McAvoy and the villain, "Invincible", played by Samuel L. Jackson, opposed superheroes (Bruce Willis and Anya Taylor-Joy). If we compare the new McAvoy with him in the film "Dirt" in 2013, the difference is obvious.

Just a couple of days ago , photos from the set leaked onto the Internet. The action takes place in a prison, and Kevin Crumb, McAvoy's character, is savage.  

Some of all this photos are frightening. McAvoy does not seem an intelligent young man, as in "The Last King of Scotland", and not weak degenerate, as in "Wanted" by Bekmambetov, and not even a spy-maniac from "Split".

"I'm so scared of all these new photos of James McAvoy! He looks like he could kill, just breathing on me".

"If he put his hand in his sweatpants, it would be a great costume "Hot skanky guys from Talbot Street" for Halloween.

Talbot St reet - a street in Dublin and local meme 2012. There was a fight between two local drug addicts, armed with an umbrella, and two Brazilian pitching, which in the end they can fight. The fight came to a video that has gone viral.

Actors o ften have to shape up such as David Harbor, which, after the  role of sheriff in the "Very strange deeds" will play in the new movie Hellboy comics. Or, eve n worse, it is necessary to shape up for the role of Batman, then loose weight and look like a stick for "Mechanics", then put on monstrous weight for the role of Vice President Dick Cheney, as Christian Bale.

The main jock of the season in Russian social networking - Pavel Durov, who showed off impressive masculature and does not hesitate to post selfies in shorts to a ttract the attention of Apple's problems with the release of new versions of the Telegram in the AppStore .


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