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It turned out stupid: how Ryan Gosling gained weight for the role, but the director did not film him because he was scared


Ryan Gosling is one of the most attractive Hollywood actors. For many years, his aristocratically delicate facial features and trim figure remain the standard for men and the object of sympathy for women. Only once in his entire career did Gosling decide to change his sexy image in order to get the role he was interested in - but the result was disastrous. Find out this story! Site editor Site editor Tags: Ryan Gosling Peter Jackson image It turned out stupid: how Ryan Gosling gained weight for the role, but the director did not film him because he was scared.

42-year-old Canadian Ryan Gosling is the star of the films Drive, The Ides of March, Blade Runner and many others. Recently he played Ken, a friend of the Barbie doll - and it seems impossible to imagine a better casting for this role!

Gosling's heroes are cool, fit guys with impressive appearance. However, there was one role in his career that was noticeably different from this role, and Ryan really wanted to play it, but something went wrong...

We are talking about Peter Jackson's film "The Lovely Bones", which was released in 2009. This is a film adaptation of a rather creepy bestseller by Alice Sebold: the story is told from the perspective of a girl, Susie Salmon (one of Saoirse Ronan's first roles), who became a victim of a maniac, and from the afterlife observes how her death changed the lives of her loved ones.

Ryan Gosling was called to play Susie's father, Jack Salmon. Having familiarized himself with the source material and the script, 26-year-old Gosling began preparing with great enthusiasm. He decided that the grieving parent should look more mature—and heavier. Therefore, he began to diligently gain weight.

Ryan later said in an interview that he went on a kind of diet - the basis of his diet was... melted ice cream. The actor literally washed down other high-calorie treats with it.

Of course, the effect was not long in coming - in a short time, Gosling gained almost 28 kilos. In addition, he grew a beard and, deciding that he now perfectly fit the type of his character, went to meet with the director.


This is what Ryan Gosling looked like at his maximum weight - 96 kg 

However, both Peter Jackson and the film's producers were horrified by the changes that opened before their eyes. Despite the fact that the appearance of the plump Gosling to the people happened literally on the eve of the start of filming, the film's management made a difficult decision - Ryan was fired. What do you think of chubby Gosling? Very cute! Very strange.

Let us remember that Jackson has already pulled off this trick: on the first day of filming, hefired the performer who played Aragorn in the first film of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. A similar situation happened with “The Lovely Bones”: the role of Jack Salmon was urgently given to Mark Wahlberg. He did a good job, but, alas, was not awarded - all the laurels, including the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, went to Stanley Tucci, who played the role of a cruel maniac.

And Ryan Gosling lost the weight back and no longer signed up for such experiments - the actor admitted that he didn’t like being “fat and unemployed.”

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