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It is revealed why Timati's mother loves her granddaughter more than her grandson: “I've always dreamed of a daughter”



Simona admitted that she was more attached to Alice than to Ratmir.

Timati's mother Simona Yunusova was criticized on the Web for her statements about her grandchildren. Many fans have noticed that her attitude towards her son's children is different: she loves his daughter Alisa from Alena Shishkova more than Ratmir, who was born to the rapper from model Anastasia Reshetova.

In the “question-answer” section, which Simona arranged in her Instagram stories, one of the followers noted such a feature in her relationship with her grandchildren and decided to ask how things really are.

Simona did not deny that she was more attached to her granddaughter than to her grandson. But, according to her, this is a consequence of the fact that she spends much more time with Alice and raised her literally from infancy.


“I am attached to Alice, and I just love Ratmir,”

Followers condemned such a separation of grandchildren, suggesting that this could hurt little Ratmir. Many have found their own versions about the motives of Simona's behavior:

“A normal grandmother will never say that about her grandchildren”, “I can’t call this woman smart and wise”, “I suppose I always dreamed of a daughter, and she has only boys, hence the love for her granddaughter is more than for her grandson”, “Children- then you love differently, and even more so grandchildren. And the background is so different. Simona initially did not like Reshetova, ”they write in the comments.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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